The condemn pimp end

When the spirit returns me back, to my room that was till pitch black. I got out of bed and dress myself. And took a walk through the street of death. I look not to give it glory or fame, for that street would not tell me its name. My soul walk wonder and search. Till I came across a headless birth.

Its call me by saying this, you who have seem the endless sin, come here and speak with me, and tell me how my soul can be free. No fear ponders my dough it should, like those ghost and street hood. What is your name this I reply. I'm a pimp from 99. I was slain by one of my ho's. That was tried of my soul. I was evil this I can say. And I beat her everyday.

One night she came with love in the dark, and took a knife and cut out my heart. In her rage and hate for me. She took her time and my head from me. Leaving my body in a dirty alley. And my head in the beast belly. Now tell me wondering soul. How can my soul ever be whole?

How was I to feel for a soul so evil and sad, for not the mothers of daughters happy and glad? But a spirit came over me and said, a sin for a sin is not the way. Go into the darkness I told him so. There you will find the answer for your soul. He reply, but there in that darkness a man must burn for his sins, but I said, the way of sin is the beginning to the end.

Surly you're mad the headless one said, there Satan wait to punish this once a pimp man. Even Satan himself must be punish I reply. Do you see him weeping and crying? Now grip up your spirit like a man. And go into that dark and dreadful land. And if the spirit wills me again, I'll see you an unsinful man. Now think about that whore that done this deed, will her punishment be greater than thee.

The headless one cried as it fade into the shadows. And say to the spirit of the father and the son. Now I walk into the shadow of death, to for fill my punishment that is my debt.

By Ronald Campbell.