Grabbing your hand I skip to the outside world.
You follow me closely,
making sure I never let go.
But I wouldn't let go,
you mean too much!

Without you I wouldn't be here.
You kept my wings clipped,
so I wouldn't run.
You made me stay,
and deal with my problems.

You made everything in my life great,
and happy.
You made me smile again,
after wiping away the tears,
and helping me with all my fears!

Skipping into this outside world,
you stay close to me.
But grow weary.
Your smile no longer shines,
your eyes no longer sparkle.

You making sure I never let go.
But why do you follow,
when all it brings you is agony?
Please don't follow,
all I want is for you to be happy.

I let go and run as fast as I can,
leaving you behind.
But now,
as I get further away,
a smile takes your face...