The Depths of Hell

His eyes were intoxicating;
Framed by dark lashes which blinked flirtatiously.
Those dark pools of sapphire,
They gazed into my soul, taking everything with them -
My love, my passion, my devotion.

But I'd given him those things long ago...
Long ago, when I saw him standing there,
Everytime I'm there, it's like the first time;
When I fell weak at the knees.

He's like sunset, sunrise, the first snowfall at Christmas;
He's life, death, rebirth;
He's beauty and pain in human form.

He sees all of me,
He takes me as I am,
He never wanted anyone else.

His embrace is my inferno;
His kiss is my thunderstorm -
Captivating me, engulfing me whole.
I know I'll never escape...

Just like I'll never escape the depths of hell.