I had a miss call from you just an hour ago you called me, I'm so sorry I was not here to answer the phone. I was not avoiding you nor was I ignoring you, I was just simply away when you called, I held my phone and wish you'd call now – but my phone stays silent. With deep regret I turn off my phone and left. Ten minutes later I turn on my phone and there's another missed call from you not just four minutes ago. I try feverishly to call you back but your phone is off and the cold impersonal recorded voice says 'the person you are calling has their mobile switched off or is unavailable…' I hang up wretchedly. My second chance is now gone because of my lack of faith. I am so sorry my dear if I could I would do anything to answer that phone…. But now it's just too late.

A/N: i'm not sure if this even counts as a short story, i just thought it'd be nice to capture such a feeling of regret and sorrow. i got this insperation when this happened to me, and thought that it'd be a good story line however as of this moment i'm not sure where to take this except what i've written so far and i would very much appreciate any ideas you may have regarding this piece of work.