Plagiarism Note

So by now, I'm sure most of you have heard about the recent spike in plagiarism cases on fictionpress. Unfortunately 30 Days was included in a long list of stories that were stolen and posted elsewhere. Although it saddened me to do so considering this was on the favorite's list of many people, I've taken down the bulk of this story to be posted under my LJ account.

Thanks to all of those who've given feedback and support over the years. The one, good thing that I can say came of this incident is that it has really pushed me to really consider getting this edited and published. For those who've been asking if I'll even post on fp again, I probably will, though I doubt I'll leave a finished copy of any of my stuff up on this site since thieves seem prone to stealing completed works.

Again thanks to all of my loyal readers (and lurkers) who've stuck it out with me. Hopefully these idiots going around stealing people's work won't discourage emerging writers from sharing their work with the online community.