I will not ask you again, would you please keep the lights off.

I am somewhat uncivilized, I will admit.
I am not one for listening.
but your so ungratifying,
you will never be had
that kind of satisfaction.
stop complaining about the loss of electricity
we've been sitting in the dark for a long time.
I like it that way. It's home to me.
I don't like the way light hits your face
it seems out of place.
I know you're frowning at me right now.
I really appreciate seeing you for who you really are.
this is the spark I've been waiting for.
seeing you angry for once will bring us the
heat we need to keep us from dying.

so shut the fuck up and stay on your side.
if you're feeling so lonely just go to your corner
and keep your face to the wall.

I like having your back to me. I like to keep things to myself. It's much easier to betray you. I know you're not listening.