A strange place to me

I walked over my sister house last night. I stop to watch two men fight. The battle lasted for awhile. As the crowd of people gather around. The two men fought to the end. Than caught their breathe than started again. I didn't know what it's all about. I just listen to people screaming and shouting. The ghetto is a strange place to me. But this is where I live, and this is where I'll be.

The police show up to break up the fight, and took the two men to jail over night. So I continue my walk to my sister house. And there was another strange situation about. Two women hiding in the alley. Whispering to me not to tell. What concern was it to me? To see them kissing and sexing on the street. And they didn't care if I was looking; they just kept on doing what they were doing.

Than one of the girls said, come and join us mister. Now what was I to do? For these girls was not true. Although I'm a man, I kept my thing in my pants, and I continue my walk to my sister house. Six more block than I'm out. Just being a black man on the street. The strangest thing you will see.

I don't remember what happen next. I just found my souls in this nest. And I heard strange voices calling me. Black man – black man come and see, there a dead body lying on the street. My God IT'S WAS ME!?

By Ronald Campbell.