In the middle of the room

I got home late last night, after the rage and that terrible fight. I didn't mean all those weak things that I said. When I said I hate you here in the middle of the room.

Lord, I saw all the things in our home gone. And why did you leave on that sad song? And this letter you left on the floor. It reads that you were gone for good. Why didn't I run after you like I should? Well I can't break my own rules. Now I'm sitting here alone in the middle of the room.

Baby how upset I was. The words that were sang. The way we made love, the way you hung me, and the one day our words got really bad. The sun turn to gloom. When I hit you here in the middle of the room.

Baby man pride is no more than a lie. And a man love is no more. When the best woman id gone. And if any of my friends saw these tears in my eyes, they will never again stand by my side. But standing here now knowing all of this. Doesn't replace all that I've lost. Here in the middle of the room.

Was all the time wasted? Saying all this that should have been say before your letter to me. Baby yes I love you more than I knew. But that's doesn't matter. You're gone now while all the flowers are in bloom. And I'm here standing alone in the middle of the room.

By Ronald Campbell.