The shadows Of Night

A write I am not, but I write all that's in sight. The place of sorrows that Satan show me after his begging show. Satan said to me, remember my face child of faith. Look over there. For there the children stand. The children of sorrows, I reply what is their sins? Satan reply, these are the children that worship me. And these are the one whom fought for the gods they made.

But the sins are the words they praise. Oh how I watched Satan smile. That brought to my heart the saddest frown. With a sharp finger he did point. Over there are the children the chokes. This whole place is filled with sorrows, lust, and greed. That is why God sent down his rage of decree. For man fraud was not created by Satan.

For this sin alone belong to man. Through out our walk Satan pointed and laughed. While the souls of the sinful die and lacked. How sad a sight this has been. Return my now Satan to the world of men. But before Satan could speak, an angel of God's came to me. Son of man delay not.

For I have come to take you to the top. But I looked around to see the devil frozen in time and in his own laughter. Delay not son of man. For you must flee this damn land. Back at home in the speed of light. Only to remember those shadows of the night.

By Ronald Campbell.