Better Friends Are Hard to Find

"Hi," my friend Danny greeted me. "How are you?"

"How do you think I am?" I said. My long time boyfriend had recently been found cheating on me. That bastard didn't even have the guts to break up with me first.

"Stupid question I guess," Danny said apologetically.

"Yeah…" I agreed. "It is."

"Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" Danny hated when her friends felt bad and there was nothing she could do.

"Not really."

She wouldn't take no for an answer and dragged me off to the nearest place selling ice cream. There she ordered me a huge ice cream and a normal sized one for herself. When we were seated and some of the ice cream was eaten she told me not to make any plans for the upcoming weekend.

"Cause you are coming to my place for a movie night."

"What are we gonna see?" I asked.

"Horror and Disney movies," she told me, looking very pleased with herself. I loved horror movies and was addicted to Disney movies. And she knew it.

The Lion King one and two, the Ring one and two, The Little Mermaid, the Grudge, Beauty and the Beast, Blair Witch Project," Danny shuffled through some of the movies we were going to watch. How I love that girl. She wasn't all like " You know you can talk to me" and handing me paper tissues, she actually did something trying to make me feel better.

Though I knew she did have paper tissues hidden somewhere in case I started crying my eyes out.

Better friends were hard to find.


Wrote this on a lesson when I was bored. Thanks to Christoffer for the title.