Once upon a time there was a princess who lived on the top of a grassy hill in a beautiful castle. She lived with her father, the King, and her mother, the Queen. Since she was their only child and because she was so beautiful, and could sing and dance so well, both their Majesties loved their daughter very much. They gave her everything she'd ever wanted.

One day, the princess was walking along the river down from her grassy hill when she saw the spectacular field of wildflowers. The sight affected her so strongly, she went straight home without waiting for her servants to bring the coach around.

Eyes sparkling, and walking as fast as she could without looking unladylike, she found her parents, and asked them for a garden. Seeing their daughter so full of laughter, their Majesties agreed immediately.

And so, the princess received a magnificent garden…and with it, her parents also gifted her with a garden boy.

Everyday the princess would visit her garden, smelling the roses and sitting by the fountain. And everyday the garden boy would pretend to be trimming the cotoneasters while watching the princess; for the princess was indeed very pretty in her white summer gowns, long hair bound in a bun revealing her slender white neck, and her lips rosy from the berries she ate. Her angelic voice rang through the warm summer air. The garden boy made sure that the fountain seat was clean, and only the most beautiful and fragrant flowers graced the princess's garden.

But the princess never glanced at the garden boy. It wasn't because the princess was rude or arrogant or mean to her servants…she simply saw them as 'servants'. It just never occurred to her to treat them any other way, because the beautiful princess was raised that way.

And so for a long time, the princess took her joyful tours of her garden, and everyday the garden boy made sure that there were no puddles to dirty her pretty dresses, and no overhanging branches to claw at her hair.

The garden boy spent every waking moment growing splendors that would bring light to any gloominess; ignoring the eyes and voices of the many girls who came to the castle to get his attention. For the garden boy was indeed not unattractive, and though he seldom spoke, his voice was soft, strong, gentle and vibrant, all at the same time.

And so this continued…

Until one day, on the princess's sixteenth birthday, she twisted her ankle while getting of the wooden swing under the poplar. No servants were nearby, as she loved to visit her garden by herself.

The garden boy heard her cry and ran to see what had happened. What he saw nearly broke his heart- his beautiful princess was crying in pain on the ground. He quickly soothed some peppermint from a nearby plant on to her ankle. And then, he offered her a piggyback ride.

Wide eyed, the princess rode on the garden boy's back and they made their way to the main castle. For the first time, as a grown teen, the princess felt the warmth of another human being. Indeed her parents gave her everything she had ever wanted…but only now did she realize what she needed.

And from that day forth, the princess never ignored the garden boy again. Soon they became friends in the garden that they kept secret from everyone else. Beside the daisies and the petunias, they laughed and they shared stories.

As time passed, many suitors came to court the beautiful princess, and girls giggled about the handsome young man that worked in the gardens. But, the princess continued to visit her garden and the garden boy continued to work in the garden that was close to both their hearts; where they let no one else intrude.

It was in here that friends became something dear…something deeper, so deep that neither realized it themselves.

After some time, an evil magician and his apprentice arrived at the grassy green hills of the princess's castle. The magician disguised himself as a friendly merchant and paid the King and his family a visit. His sweet words charmed the Queen and Princess, and his slick, persuasive personality enchanted the King into trusting him absolutely.

The evil magician brought wonders that the Royal family had never seen before, and the curious princess visited her garden less and less. The garden boy was sad, and he had heard evil things about the merchant. He tried his best to show the true side of the sweet talking merchant to the family.

The evil magician and apprentice, seeing what the garden boy was trying to do, knew that they had to get rid of him before their plan to take over the castle was ruined.

And so they arranged to frame the boy and have the garden boy 'steal' the Queen's favorite diamond necklace. That way, they were sure, the boy will be sent off as a criminal.

The day the Queen sent her guards to look for her necklace came all to soon. The necklace was found in the possession of a very poor and confused garden boy.

The garden boy protested, but who was going to believe him? The people called him many names and none of them nice. He turned to the only thing important thing to him, the princess. "You believe me don't you?" He asked her. The princess looked at the diamond necklace still in his bag, and all she could do was turn her head away and cry.

And thus, the garden boy was a garden boy no more. The boy wandered from the front of the gates where he was beaten and thrown out to the docks. There he met a genie, where he was granted one wish, and he wished, "Genie, I wish to bee a rich prince, where I will be poor no more."

The prince knew the evil magician and his apprentice was behind the whole thing, and he hated him…but the person he hated the most in the world was also the one he loved more than his own life.