The Darkest Feeling of All.

Then long eternity shall grace our bliss with an individual kiss. This have learn you had attend the summed of wisdom. But hope higher through all those stars. Thus once you knew their name and their power, and all the secrets of the deep. And all nature work or works of God's in heaven heirs. Earth and sea and this entire world.

Riches and joys. And all rules by one empire. Now which way with all rights dwell. And from has no individual being. Satan reply. Who reason for their laws I have refused. Right reason for their law renew. And for their God who by right of thoughts must die.

Die he or justice must? Unless for me some other able or will, pay the rigid of satisfaction. Boundless the deep because I am he who fell infinitude. Nor vacuous the space and put forth mine goodness which if free or act or not. So come to me not, for what I will is fate. That of death for death.

By Ronald Campbell.