Oh Spirit What Have This To Do With Me?

Asleep or wake I do not know, but the voice I heard said let us go. There is so much to see before the rising sun. Away in a spirit or a shade or a shade of light. We were gone before the world height. Than sudden we can to the world's span. And I saw another man. His soul and spirit I did nor know. But he was label killing whores.

As a shadow I walked with him. And watched as he killed again. And the spirit that carries me there asked did I know the man. I reply no. but why are he seeking these souls? The spirit reply, he thinks he doing God's work. Not knowing that his fate is worst. As a child his mother was a whore. And made his sit and listen outside her door.

As a young man he never looks above. And with woman he never learns to love. Death and rage is all he knows. That is the reason why he slain these whores. And in a whisper we flee that site, to show me another man life. In a lab this man did stand. Mixing potions with his hands, to find a secret that were never told. Now one day a demon came from hell. To show the man the divine plan. He gave him the secret that was never told.

He drinks the potion to fall to the ground. His body twisted as he gnaws around. After minutes he shows his nasty frown. Now the man stood not a man. But a beast from the past. Terrible he did look. I turned from his sight for my body did shake. And as my body stood still from the fright. Rage and angry was this beast delight.

The street of London he rage and dare. As he prepare to kill the innocent heirs. These demons not belonging to God. Must now die a horror fright. The demon took the hearts and heads, and set them beside their dreadful beds. Now the spirit asks me again. Do you know these men? Wiping my tears aside I reply no spirit my God.

Why are you showing me these men and their deeds? The spirit reply. Because the highest power wills me. I reply dear spirit, what have all this to do with me? Please spirit what do all this mean? The spirit replied these men are you don't you see.

By Ronald Campbell.