"Ah, Jordan!" Dane's voice screamed over the speaker of my cell phone. From the back row of Matt's Pathfinder, I could hear the screeches of my friends as we pulled into the Six Flag's parking lot. Combining those two sounds were most definitely not very pleasant to listen to. "We have a gig this afternoon at 4:30!"

It was pretty hard to hear his speaking, even after Matt had shut everyone up. The noise in the background was overpowering Dane's voice, lowering it to a mere whisper. "Sorry! I'm already out with my-"

But I heard the distinct tone of him hanging up before the previous sound of chaos disappeared. Gee, thanks Dane. What a way to show your respect. "Let's go!" Art yelled, as I shoved my phone in my pocket and ran out of the car.

"My gosh!" Krystle stretched. "It feels so good to be out of that car."

Yes, I did feel really bad for her. Art, Mikey, Leo and her were crammed into a three passenger row. And Matt's trunk was way too cluttered for anyone to sit in. So basically for an entire hour, she had been stuck in between Leo and Art, each who were crammed up either against a door or Mikey's body. Sounds inviting doesn't it?

But then again, we wouldn't have had this problem if Art and Matt hadn't decided to invite Leo. Unfortunately, he had jumped in last minute. So, needless to say, they were all extremely cramped. It was a miracle we didn't get pulled over for having too many passengers. And yeah, that is possible.

I think it's sad.

Meanwhile, Matt had let me take the front seat, despite his friends' protests. Isn't that just soo cute?!

Okay, so now I'm starting to bother myself.

We walked up to the front entrance, completely pumped. "Hey!" Mikey exclaimed. "A rock concert! We should definitely go."

"No Matt." Art rolled his eyes, handing the girl at the ticket stand his money. "When you come to a theme park, it's for the rides. Not the concert."

"It's called an amusement park, dude." Leo shot back. "Music is amusement. I'm with you on this, Mikey."

I just laughed at their stupidity as I handed the girl the money. "They your friends?" she suddenly asked, as I nodded in response. "The surfer one's hot." Leo. Hah, actually well. He is pretty hot now that I look at him in that perspective. "The one with the weird trucker hat." Art. "He's pretty cute." I nearly choked on my own saliva as soon as she said that. Art equals cute?! I think not; at least in my world. "And that kid standing next to him; the brown haired one." Matt. "He's hot, but the surfer guy's still hotter." I could agree with her on that. "But." She dropped her voice down to a mere whisper. "Your blonde friend, the really tall one. He is drop dead gorgeous." And there is absolutely no reason to deny that.

The guys I hung out with each had their own little quirks. But all in all, they were all pretty damn hot. Except I can't seem to think of Art in that way. Not possible.

But as for Hampton High's own little circle of outcasts, they held a very high spot on the "Hotness Scale". If only they weren't rejected and maybe gone to Lincoln. I think life would've been much different. "Hey, come on." Krystle prodded. "You've been in your own little world for a long time. The guys are waiting."

"Oh, right." I nodded at the other girl sitting behind the glass and met up with the guys. "Let's go!"

Allowing their immaturity to show, Matt, Leo and art instantly shrieked, running through the front gates. Yeesh.

Mikey, Krystle ad I merely stared at their disappearing backs as they slowly began to vanish with every passing second. "I'll go with them." Krystle offered. "After all, they do need someone… dare I say… normal to watch them."

By the time she had already reached the three guys, that's when the true meaning of her words hit me. "Hey!" I screamed back, but she most likely did not hear me.

"A little slow there Jordan." Mikey laughed. In response, I punched him in the stomach. Ooh, abs. Gah! "Ouuuuch." He whined. "Enough with the physical abuse; can we go now? I want to go on some freaking roller coasters before I get to beat up to actually survive one ride."

I merely rolled my eyes and pulled him into the line of El Toro.

Have I ever mentioned I hate roller coasters?

About three hours of roller coasters later, I felt about ready to puke. Let's just say eating before going on the world's highest roller coaster is not a smart idea. Take my word for it. "I'm done." I groaned, sitting down on a bench. "We've been on at least ten rides, each more horrifying than the one before. Please make the spinning stop."

Mikey laughed and sat down next to me. "I'm starting to feel sick myself. So this is a good break. How about we sit here for a few minutes before we hit Superman?"

"No!" I yelled, causing the few people around to stare at us. Evilly, might I add. "My stomach hurts from that."

"Hah. Then you need rock hard abs, like me!"

"Rock hard abs." I snorted. "Who was the one that said 'Ouch' when I barely touched his abs?!"

Okay, so maybe I'm lying to myself. I'm pretty sure I had just mentally beat myself up for saying that he had nice abs about three hours ago. Gosh, I'm such a hypocrite.

"Whatever Jordan." He rolled his eyes in mockery. In response, I laid my head on his lap, staring up at the sky. "Hey." Mikey suddenly whispered, looking down at me. His blonde hair fell around his face, casting a shadow on his features. I felt my stomach flutter slightly at the sight.

Oh God no, not Mikey.

I thought I had gotten over him ever since I figured out that Danielle liked him. Yeah, I knew I had no chance whatsoever with him, even if Mikey so-called hated Danielle with a passion. Danielle was a striving person; always persevering and accomplishing her goals at the end. There's no way I can compete with that.

There's always Tommy…

"I have a question for you." He said, breaking me out of my internal argument. "Remember how we had that argument about the rock concert? I say we bribe Art with bubbles to get him to go. How about it?"

Bubbles. Bubbles. He's got to be kidding. "Yeah sure. Bubbles, where the hell are you going to get them from?" I cracked a small smile when I saw a thoughtful look appear on his face. "Hell, I doubt even Leo has bubbles with him."

At my mentioning Leo's name, Mikey instantly frowned. Great, now it looks like I'll be getting shit about him. I always knew that Mikey held a certain… dislike… for Tommy. That actually might be an understatement. But I never thought he'd find something bad about Leo for being friends with Tommy.

"What now?" I groaned, shutting my eyes shut, to keep out the look of disappoint forming in his eyes.

"I don't know. Leo's been real different lately. I mean before, Leo was friends with Tommy, but didn't hang out with him much. Now, he's spending all his free time with him. I think he's doing pot." He suddenly blurted out.

I snapped my eyes open, absolutely pissed at his sudden outburst. Of all people, Mikey should know my contempt for generalizations.

I mean, really. The enemy wasn't the target in this case; his own friend was getting criticized for some inaccurate assumptions.


"Maybe because he wants to spread his circle of friends. Just leave Tommy out of the picture." I snapped. "Don't you ever dare make assumptions like that ever again. Being accused of drug usage isn't fun."

"It's not like you ever have been." He spat back. "Why do you keep defending them anyway? Even before you knew them for real, you were already sticking up for them."

I sat up in anger, scooting down all the way to the opposite side of the bench. If he felt like giving me that bullshit, I wasn't in the mood to take it. Mikey knew nothing about me; only David knew. But the only reason Mikey didn't know was because of me. Because I refused to reveal the truth to anyone. And that wasn't happening anytime soon.

"Whatever Mikey." I sighed, keeping a watch for the other four. As of this moment, they'd be a pleasant break from this nuisance. "Believe what you want. I couldn't care less about it."

Mikey sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "What do you want me to believe? You get kicked out of your own house six years ago. Then for the heck of it, you decide to change your last name. Now, you're befriending the town's least favorite adolescents, further harming what's left of your relationship with your parents."

"Just my mom." I shot back, not ready to give him credit for what he said. So basically in the past month, he's been watching every single one of my actions.

But that means he could tell how much I respected Tommy. Which is exactly why he should leave them alone from his rather cold insults.

"Whatever Jordan." He shot back in mockery, before staring straightforward again.

I sighed in frustration, knowing that Mikey had just entered The Stage. The stage of "I'm-right-you're-wrong-so-fuck-off". It was going to be hard to get him out of that one.

The four other finally came into view. The tension between Mikey and I instantly lifted as soon as they stepped in front of us. "Hey." Leo grinned. "We're heading over to the rock concert. Do you want to go, before Art changes his mind?"

"Yeah, sure." I grinned. "I never would've thought Art would agree."

I stood up from the bench, approaching Krystle. Even if I had my happy face on, inside, I was fuming. Mikey had stepped way out of line into a part of my life he shouldn't even try to figure out. He didn't even consider apologizing when that argument was definitely his fault.

Why did it seem that I always got in fights with Mikey about Tommy and his 'issues'?

"Hey." Krystle smiled, as we fell towards the back of the crowd. "You and Mikey okay? When we saw you guys, even Matt saw how distant you suddenly became. And coming from Matt… that's saying a lot."

And yeah, that was actually true. Matt was possibly one of the least concentrated person I knew. Everything just seemed to slip past him, even if the answers were being held right in front of his face. That's how oblivious he remained at all times.

"No, no." I tried smiling. "Everything's okay."

"Okay then." She shrugged, accepting my somewhat iffy smile.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at the center of Six Flags. There, a mini stage had been set up and people were already crowding around. I nearly screamed from surprise, but not from the size of the crowd. Which was already pretty spectacular. But from who was on the stage.

"Holy shit, is that who I think it is?" Krystle snapped, as she watched the blonde boy on stage tune his bass.

I should've figured it out. It was 4:30 in the afternoon; Dane had called about a gig they had at that time. The background noise was disruptive, as it always was in an amusement park. God, just call me an idiot while you're at it.


But unfortunately, I wasn't listening to Krystle whine on and on about something concerning Tommy. (I think.) My cell phone was already out as I waited for him to pick up.

I finally saw him reach into his pocket and stare at the front screen. I was starting to freak out in case he ignored it; but he eventually he flipped it open. "Hey." He said.

"Hey." I shot back. "I can see you."

Slowly, I saw a small grin form on his lips. Maybe it was bit, it's hard to tell from my spot. "Can you really?" he replied. "What are you, my very own stalker?"

"Maybe I am."

I couldn't help but let a small smile form on my face. I was hoping that my friends could see what a nice guy Tommy was. They had already placed him on the I-Hate-You list merely because of an assumption. Not a fact; a guess.

I didn't wait for a response, because I had already hung up. I saw Tommy stare blankly at the phone, before slipping it back into his pocket. Of course, while saying something to Dane. Dane grinned and stepped up to the microphone. "Jordan Goss; wherever the hell you are, come up here!" he yelled, scanning the crowd. I saw his eyes land on Leo as another smile appeared. "And Leo Campbell! Get your ass up here!" But when I saw him glance at the other guys, his smile quickly dropped. Looking to my right, I saw that Mikey, Matt and Art were all glaring at him openly.

Jeez, fuck them.

Krystle sighed in aggravation. "You really do like that boy, don't you? It's pretty damned obvious you do."

I shook my head quickly. "As a friend; yes. But any more than that? No."

I expected Krystle to go all evil on me for calling him a friend, but she didn't. Instead she only laughed. "I admire your stupidity, Goss."

I gaped at her as Leo yanked on my arm. We had only walked a few feet before he leaned in. "You know, she's right. You are an idiot."

What? Is today National Insult Jordan Goss Day? When was that notice given out?

I only ignored him as Leo continued to drag me through the crowd. It was so awesome how everyone seemed to part for us as we walked through. When we approached the stage, Tommy helped me up as Leo was left alone to struggle for himself. "Gee, thanks guys. Way to help me too."

"No problem." Josh shot him a lazy smile from where he was lying down. I looked out towards the crowd, wondering how they could actually play in front of so many people. It was amazing.

"Whoa. People." I unintentionally blurted out as I continued the scan the faces. From besides me, I heard Chris snort; causing me to blush profusely.

"Yeah, people. You know; humans. There. In the crowd. Humans have the sense of hearing; so they decided to put that in use by coming to a concert. Where they listen to music and have fun."

"Chris, shut up!" Nick laughed. "You're not much smarter than her, so you shouldn't talk at all."

Ooh, low blow.

Oh, wait. That's an insult to me too, I only then realized.

God, I'm such an idiot.

"Holy shit! They were a fucking amazing band!" Art screamed, as we gathered into his house. Immediately after the concert had finished, the others had lost interest in Six Flags altogether and had suggested to head back. I already knew it was because of their extreme dislike; but Art was very stubborn. He refused to believe anything other than the fact that Tommy was turning Matt on; which was why we had to leave so quickly.

Needless to say, that concert had actually given me a completely new perspective on the guys. I admit, there were times when things got a little creepy, like when they smoke at the corner. But this afternoon, they showed that they weren't just about the cigarettes.

They wanted to make an impression on others; and not just a bad one. An impression that would leave people thinking about them for a long time. And a good one, at that.

"Yeah, sure." Mikey rolled his eyes, and pushed his way past me.

Look who's still pissed at me.

Not a shocker at all.

The entire car ride back, he hadn't spoken a single word to me. The only people happily conversing were Leo and Art, who held an animated conversation. Of course, every now and then, Krystle and I would butt into their conversation and give them our own opinion. But that was pretty scarce.

Mikey was absolutely fuming the entire time. From the look on his face, it was pretty easy to see the anger he was holding within. I wasn't exactly sure why he was pissed; it was either because of our previous argument, or because Tommy would just stare at me the entire time while he played. Leo and I were sitting on extra amplifiers that were situated on one side of the stage. I had a perfect view of both Tommy and Mikey; and needless to say; Mikey was not a happy child.

"What's up his ass?" Krystle muttered, shutting the door behind her. "This entire afternoon, he's been acting like a complete jackass."

"Actually." I answered back, pulling her into the kitchen. "That's kind of… my fault."

Krystle groaned, leaning her head down on the counter. "Let me guess, you stuck up for Tommy again."

Ugh, I swear. These people can read my mind in a second.

"Yeah, but seriously! He was bashing Leo too!" I hissed back.

At that, Krystle instantly looked back at me. "Leo?" she said in shock. "Why would he ever say anything about Leo?" When I told her about our conversation on the bench, her face was completely drained of color.

You see, Leo and Mikey were really good friends, apparently. Mikey, Leo, Art, Matt, Ian and my brother were inseparable, the six of them. Always the best of friends; always watching out for each other. My theory was basically that Mikey was jealous of Tommy; jealous that Leo was slowly starting to become better friends with Tommy.

Of course, Krystle's theory was that Tommy was stealing away Leo and I from Mikey. Hah, yeah right. Like he'd ever be jealous that I'm not hanging out with him. Sure, I hang out with Mikey a lot, sure I think he's hot. But there's no way that I could ever think of him as anymore. If Mikey did, well. It looks like I wouldn't be able to return it.

I'm getting way ahead of myself right now.

"Yo!" Krystle suddenly shrieked, waving her hands in front of my face. "Are you there? Helllooooo?"

I shook my head, hastily batting away her flailing hands. "I'm here, I'm here." I laughed. "No need to go all 'rawr' on me now."

Krystle huffed and crossed her arms. "I never said 'rawr' once." A few seconds later, it finally hit her. "You're not calling me a bitch are you?!"

You're a slow one, my dear.

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