A Frankenstein Romance
Copyright 2001
By Janet Jongebloed

Luke walked down the stone stairs carrying the lifeless corpse in his dry hands. He was a genius, a top thinker and was hoping his intellect would support him through this disaster.

He thought of the disaster that had pushed him to do this. The car collision, the feeling of blood dripping down his perfect face, the sound of metal on metal scarping the life out of his passenger, his love. Jackie used to be radiant, an angel that had walked to close to Earth. Luke had loved her with his heart, his soul.

He placed the corpse of his beloved on the examination table. Jackie was no longer beautiful; she was a mess. A deceased mess. Luke once told her that she looked lovely when she slept, but this was not lovely, this was dead. The red curly locks Luke had loved so much were now matted and loosely hung around her pale face.

He looked at her pale face, shuddered, and looked down at the gray cement floor. The floor was as cold as her inactive hand he realized. He realized he was still holding her hand. Luke forced himself to walk away from her body.

He crossed his arms over his chest and started pacing. He felt his heart; it was beating quickly. "If only there was a heart that beat as rapidly in Jackie," he thought to himself.

"I could bring her back, I know how to do it," he tried to convince himself. He was still pacing around the small, tight, gray room. He knew he could bring her back, put life and love back in her eyes. Luke would give anything to be her hero, like in the movies.

He thought about the heroic guy saving the girl movies, like Robin Hood and Star Wars. He had to persuade himself that he was doing the heroic thing; the romantic thing. That once she woke up they would live happily ever after, but a side of him did not think that would be the case this time.

A side of him knew the truth. A side of him knew that to bring his love back from the heaven would be unjust, and selfish. He knew that he was no God, and to act as him would be wrong. The movie being reenacted would not be Star Wars, or Robin Hood but instead Frankenstein.

Luke's brother, Alex knew the truth. Alex knew of the car accident and Luke's plans after his beloved had died in it. Alex had been the one to try to talk Luke out of this decision. Alex knew Luke was no God. Alex knew the truth, and tried to teach it to Luke but he did not want to listen to reason. He wanted Jackie back. He needed Jackie.

"If I loved her I would do it, I would do it so that we could be together," he told himself and at the same time, "I am not God."

The two thoughts swam in his head for an hour as he watched over Jackie. She looked peaceful, despite the dried blood on her face. Luke had been driving the night of the accident, so he believed the blood had been an outcome of his careless actions.

Luke slept in the cold basement that night, he needed to be next to her. A closeness he felt with her lulled him to sleep. He did not dream restful dreams that night; instead, he was tortured by a reoccurring scene of the car accident.

The dreams covered every angle of the car collision, he saw Jackie die over and over again in his nightmare. Over and over again he was reminded of his miscalculated actions.

He had not seen the other car coming down the road. He had been driving correctly, but they still had the accident. Luke wondered how they could have crashed if he was driving so well, and decided he did something wrong. He had to have done something terrible to be in this mess.

He awoke abruptly, the nightmares had chased him from his sleep. The nightmare of the real world was incomparably worse, though, in comparison to those of his dreams.

He brought himself to his feet, and carefully thought over his actions again. Would he bring Jackie back, play God, and reenact a modern Frankenstein myth, or would he admit that his love was gone?

He could never admit it, he decided. She was his only love, and no one and nothing could replace her. He would carry the burden of his mistake to his grave if he chose that road.

Luke trudged over to the table to stand over the corpse, and turned the machine on. The machine he built that would reunite him and Jackie. The mechanics whirred and buzzed. The electricity was making it's own little light show. The volts of energy sparked and sparkled unaware of the pain inside the room. The electricity was having it's own brand of fun, waiting patiently to be of use to Luke.

He was finally ready and had made the decision. Who knew his prodigy mind would lead him to be a mad scientist, but at least it lead him somewhere, making it possible for him to reunite with his girlfriend.

At the last possible moment, he turned the machine off, disheartened. He ran a hand through his thick blond hair. He had worn weary of this battle with himself. Even if he summoned her back from the beyond, would it do him much use? He would always wonder if he had made the right choice.

Instead, he held up a silver knife from off the workbench. He would be with his love in heaven if he could not be with her on Earth. The blade reflected his face and he found that for the first moment since the crash he was smiling.