My Egg Zorflax

Ode to my egg and your perfectly round shell with small brown dots,

IT was love at first sight, even though you did not yet have eyes,

So I drew upon you with green sharpie two big eyes,

Though as lopsided and different they may be you opened them and gazed up at me,

I bestowed upon you the first name that cam e to my mind, o alien child, welcome to the world Zorflax the conqueror,

And as the bell rang I, sadly, had to put you to sleep in your container.

Ode to Zorflax, I quickly grew attached to you and protected you, loved you with all my heart,

And gave you a hug even though you had no hands to hug me,

Your sweet little face just smiled at me with the new smile I had just drew,

You came with me where ever I went to the bathroom, to class, and into the hall hidden in your box,

Once I reached class I'd always peer down at you- your presence only grew stronger,

The rotten smell seeped form your home towards my face,

I sprayed you with perfume to hide your manly spoiled odor and smeared your tiny happy face.

Ode to the smeared sharpie, which couldn't disguise your smile,

And now the three days are gone and I am ready to through you away,

Your sweet little face still and calm; you know your time has come,

So I drew you a little black tux, so you could be buried in style, with a little flower tucked under the collar.

Ode to Zorflax the conqueror, alien egg, my friend and love, you never did get to rule the world but you did rule my heart.