Somethin Fierce

Romeo said: now baby you know I love you (somethin fierce) but I got to fight these battles. So let me be. Lover to none. Father to a million fainting girls. I grew up with his face pinned on my pillowcase. I wrote him love letters, before I learned the meaning of that twisted word.

I'm broken in a million invisible pieces and I project smiles and jeers; all too wild girl but I've never gotten over his: (somethin fierce.) Something else. Something vain. A boy without a train of thought. Reasoning's that he bought on sale at an outlet store. He wears name brand love on his sleeve.

Romeo said: now darling close you're eyes and sleep. No longer weep. You know I'm the one for you. And he leaves his boots to cool by my bedside. And he slides my shirt off. Cleanse. Bend. Re-define me. Give me another name to curse the world by. Give me something else to dream about. Fight over. Break in. Bring me out of it again.

Deep in the thick of my element. Ox-year-woman with her eyes closed for the first time. I want to taste a touch that I've never known before. I want to whisper names that I haven't learned yet. Stroke my fingers across white canvasses with black tips and define you in the best way that I can. I want to grow my hair long again and let him braid it across my back and live so far away from the world that no one can see us. Influence us. Break us. Down. With wars. And criminals. Keep the lights off for us again.

Romeo said: baby go back to bed, I'll see you soon.