Let me tell you about gamblin' hearts; they'll put all they own on the table

just to gain more love, but I believe that this gain is a fable

My heart has a gambling problem; it's not satisfied with the love it already has

It's scared because another shattered it like glass

It wants to grow strong from tenderness that is too risky

The way it's putting itself out there makes you think it's tipsy

There was a person who broke my heart; now it's out to break hers

I feel that I was cheated out of a love I deserved

My heart was willing to stay in the game until it had zilch

And when it felt it couldn't win love, it started to filch

Now that's a shame; I have to move about with no morals

My heart wants love so bad that I'm wearing it as a pectoral

It's a high roller as well, not to mention its appeal

It'll persist with card drawing to obtain more sex appeal

That is why I think I lack true love-just because of luck

And if I don't want to lose my heart to love, I should keep it tucked…