The day comes to an end
With student chatter fading away.
Five o'clock,
The children's guardians end their play
As the traffic starts
With beeping and buzzing cars.
Street children scramble at your feet
Rags in hand they enter jeeps.
The crowd is faceless
Indifferent, their money they opt to keep.
At the final intersection lay
A child beside the garbage can,
As another hungry night began.

A/n : well let me explain if you're not from my country you wouldn't get it. Well, you see jeeps are used for public tranportation. Street children scrambling in wipe the feet of the passengers and then they beg (sad to say this is true) for the passenger's spare change. Oh well, please read and review. I attempted not to use obvious adverbs and adjectives on this one, and more on verbs and nouns. what do you guys think?