The violent against God

Behold the beast for this I heard the angel say. The spectacle of fraud. His head and cheat on the shore. But his feet hang free, his face the face of an honor man. And the rest of him was snake like. And he spoke like a drunken fool. With his whole body fixed on the river bank. The angel said, you must turn a bit from your path, and in the direction of that beast. But as I stepped a little that way I saw souls crouches in the sand by the edge of emptiness. Than the angel said, so that you may have knowledge that is complete go there and see their suffering yourself. But let the conversation be brief. So I walk over to the edge to a group of souls that was caught in the raining flames. And no souls did I know. But as I looked around I saw a color of red and purple a them that seem to be beating their eyes.

Than one of the souls that saw me said, why are you here one that still alive? Than a second said to the first, are your eyes so blind to his glory that you can not see. For look again he is the seeker of souls, get out of here the first one said. For I have no story of mine to tell. But than the second souls said, leave not on this fool account. For he speak only for himself. My story I will tell. For my name I remember not, but my sins I surly remember. For I once belong to a church with the knight of old. Who swore to protect the lord house? But I became so fix on the power that was given me. That I murder in the name of the lord for some of all was innocent. Sudden I became afraid to stay there much longer.

So I turned away from those souls and back to the angel that told me to be brief. And I left those frustrated souls. Now I was upon a star that descends across the fiery sand. And I became like a man with a shiver fever. This came upon me when I came upon a servant brave for his valorous master. As I squirmed around on the star, for I wanted to cry out.

But I had no voice to my desire. Than the light of God's comfort me. By putting his arm around me. As soon as I was settle in he held me tight. Soon I heard to my right a whirlwind roar with a terrorible sound beneath us. And I looked down toward the plain, and I saw nothing? Than human fear came over me again. And I tremble like a coward with tighten legs. The angel with me than said, fear not seeker of souls for this is the swift way for you to return home. For yes soulseeker time has caught up with you once more. Also the powers that will you wills that you shall see nor write no more in this part of hell. What was said before was said again; that you shall return to hell went this day end. And off the star and back in my den. I sat to write the beginning to the end. And slept to dream what the angels will show me again…

By Ronald Campbell.