The Blaspheme souls

From the heavy clap of thunder! I was awaking from my deep sleep. And turned my eyes from side to side. Now on my feet with fear close by. The spirit said let us go now to another place of sorrows and woes. But do not ask what sort of spirit these are. For you shall know before we go any father. They have no sins, but they worth alone is not enough. They are not baptism which if your faith to follow. And some of these were before the Christ.

But they did not worship God in any faith once above. For now no other guilt and in this they suffer alone. And without hope. For they are living only in their desires. The words he said were heavy on my heart. For I wonder if any shall ever leave this place. For these souls will never reach salvation, we continue our walk through the thick woods of dark souls.

Now leading here without hope. And not to take rest, but of suffering less. For them souls were carries along a battle wind. And I dare not to ask why all this I see. For the angel with me said that all shall be explained. And for sure I knew that the angel knew my thoughts. For just than he spoke to me. The first of those souls you shall know. Were the bishops and the popes over a many tongues? For they have corrupted one of the very love of God's.

They've very form of lust with the laws. And the stain of scandals spread. They were the successor to the throne of Rome. And like Cleopatra who loved men lust for her, and if they would have claim the king of kings. Than they souls would have been saved. For when the son of the most high came even in death they deny him. So here they stay with the storm and the darken winds that turn every which way.

Now write no more seeker of souls. For time has caught up with you. And beacon you to return to your place among men. Until this day turn to night. And again home I return here in my chair writing.

By Ronald Campbell.