The higher Power will unfold

Where does one find love? Not from the heavens above! Where is the peace they speak of? Where is the love that's born? The son of man, and the lord of lords. Here I stand in the shadows way. To give love that sat at bay. Once I thought all this were nonsense, but when the spirit said to me, come let me show you once again. And to those dark forming woods. Where all the souls stood. Love and hate in their eyes. From lasting tears to a baby cry.

There was no one there I knew, not a brother or a mother, or a sister or a fool. I was there alone. Watching the souls of the loner. How can I survive in the loneliness of the night? When I was thinking about all of this, than came a voice from the distance. Over here seeker of soul – over her will a story be told. Without haste I may my way. They were the souls of the innocent. They were the souls of the heavenly father. These are the souls that Jesus once spoke of. And now I have the chance to write one story.

The soul said, my father was not only drunk, but mad, and all the thing that he did and said. My brother swore not to be like our father and his greed. My mother was scare and frail. For my father beat her mad. She was sent away from us. Than it was my father my brother me, well just us. One day we wouldn't wake up. For something or someone was choking us. All I could see was this pillow. Than the rest of the souls. Later after being here for so long. The angel from heaven sang our song. They shall be called great do you see. For its was their father that did the deed.

And great will they'll reward be. When I finally heard the song. I saw all the children go home. And the spirit that was with me, said let us go for there is more sight for you to see. I asked the angel with me. Why am I the seeker of souls? The angel replies, only the higher power will unfold.

By Ronald Campbell.