The Daughter

With fire, hate, rage and betrayed. He roams his path through the dept of hell. Once happy with a joyful heart. Now all that is left is the hoary of dark. Once a child himself am now a soul an empty shell. Once a father with a daughter and son, neither heart he ever won. Through many walks through those dark woods. He return to his home like a father should. His son in his heart with such a rage, and his daughter with love her father she praises. Now remind him of his childhood days.

And as he sat upon his throne he said to both his daughter and son. Through my journeys sent me everywhere. The love for my children never faded. Neither in heaven nor in hell I thought of my children very well. For time stop for no one not even a fool and I missed how my children grew. Now my son has hate in his heart for me, how he wish my death to see. For I saw not there to teach him what knowledge I bear.

For I did not have its. But if I don't show him how to control his rage. Than his fate will lead me to write his story one day. But now to my daughter for whom the story is about. Has all the love for me in her heart. Even now writing about it makes my wipe the tears from my eyes. For I never felt so powerless. For her smile are like the stars in heaven. And her beauty is what God have given her. And when she ask those question like he do. Makes me proud and new. I love when I get a day. And I love what they have to say.

For I have been their best friend, and how I wish their lives would never ends. For so much time in their lives I have missed, but still they have this love for me. I love my daughter with all God's heart. How every night I leave with the angels I see their faces in the dark. But what gives me the most hope is when I hear my daughter voice. Now my daughter is no better than any one else's. But a mother and father love their children the best.

And not taking anything away from my son. But you must admit that our daughters are much more fun. When now my life is about to end. I should have been more a father than a friend.

By Ronald Campbell.