The envy angels once was God's

Once again I tossed and turn for sleep I could not all night. When I hear the angel beacon me. Come with me seeker of souls; come with me to another world of woes. Like a whisper we took to the night, into the world of woes and bears, to the land of no care. For this is the land that Jesus once stood. To take back the souls out of this fright, to the land of love and paradise. But not all souls were willing to tell what sins they committed that lands them in hell. But God wish for all men and woman and children to have this chance. And for me to write down the punishments again.

So listen dear readers of mine. So that you might not be led to this terrible sight. When I asked that angel with me, what torment do they suffer through all they screaming? He said, these wretches have no hope of dying for they envy their own fate. And the world will not record them nor give its glory to them. Now look and pass them by. And when I looked and recognized them not, them soul's coward out and made a great refusal. But soon I understood that these are the angels that were hateful to God and God's enemies. In this hell they'll punishment is just.

With hornets and warps and blood mixed. Dripping to their head down to their feet. And once again I saw souls at the riverbank. Who wanted to cross but did not dare. For the angel said, all this were made plan to you. But the understanding shall not be given you. But write all that you see and hear and ask no question about their fears. And in mine mind I said fair enough. I shall write this stuff, and along through hell the angel and I walked, but I walked with my head hung down. For fear of speaking out of turn.

And I said no more till we reached the riverbank. Than suddenly coming toward us in a boat. Was an old man full of years? For he was screaming from under his beard. Woes to you perverted souls! Wish not to see heaven! For I come to led you to the other souls! Those that are in darkness and fire! And you who soul is still alive! Yes you over there! Move away from the dead! But when he saw that I would not move. He said, another way for you! For dead or alive I am not sure!? But I shall not lead you to hell's door!

But than the angel that was with me said to the man that were in that boat. Put away your hellish rage. For higher power wills his way. Take him now to hell door and show him your rage no more. So the boat demon shut his hellish mouth and took me to hell house. For in the boat I watched the souls from every side. Who cursed all thing even God. But when the light came them fear a lot and all them packed themselves to one side.

Soul seeker the angel said, all these souls must perish in the punishment of God's love. For they comes from all parts of the earth. Now I must end this poem, for the angel with me allow me to write no more.

By Ronald Campbell.