Sometimes I get tired of being


There are benefits.

No one sees you

No one expects you to talk.

But no one ever says

You're good at that.


You look nice today.

Instead they look through you

and notice the color of the wallpaper.

Sometimes it makes me crazy.

I want to scream

Notice me.

The wallpaper's nice, but so am I.

I'm here. I'm not invisible.

Just hard to see.

But I never do.

On the whole,

you get used to it.

On the whole,

being invisible is


than being


After all,

I don't need anyone but me.

I don't need you, or you,

Or you, staring at the wall.

If I needed you, you'd see me,

Being alone is safe.

Being invisible is safe


being invisible is getting easier…

which scares me.