"Eleanor… Eleanor…" Shannara looked down at her sleeping friend oddly, carefully bending over Eleanor's slight frame and careful not to hit the sleeping dragon, she started to whisper into her friend's ear. "Elle, Anor, Nelly, NORK!"

The sharp scream that lasted a full thirty seconds (by the end of the scream it was more of a growl then anything else) coming from the guest wing in the palace of the High Mage, would soon drag every guard, every mage, and every high standing woman who liked to gossip to the guest room at the very end of the hall.

Now as any good standing person… creature… or thing might have heard. It is unwise to wake a sleeping dragon, or perhaps it was poke, but either way, you DO NOT wake said dragon. Since said dragon was Lord Silver, who was usually an early riser, the warning goes without saying.

Four fully armed guards and one mage ran into the room, closely followed by Shin and Glay (whose sword was fully drawn). It was at that same moment that the first guard noticed Eleanor's indecent clothing, her white shirt that only reached her mid thigh (and rising) and her underclothing, that even more mages (all male) and the first court woman, looking for the juicy gossip, arrived. This then caused all the males to stare at her for a good minute before realization hit.

To add to the second chaotic morning, Lord Silver finally made it clear that he was not a happy dragon by changing from a human like form to his dragon form, and started to growl. His claws ripping into the expensive fabrics on the bed, while he wrapped himself around one of the bedposts. At the sound of growling, even more mages and even more guards came into the room, at the same time as Eleanor noticed her bare legs (note that she had jumped out of her bed while screaming).

Eleanor franticly looked around for anything to cover herself with, however the bed was being ripped to shreds by an enraged dragon, all the extra sheets and blankets were hidden behind the guards, and the only thing to do at the moment was to cry, with humiliation… which only virgins did. Eleanor was at a dead end.

Shannara, who was currently hiding behind Eleanor from the enraged dragon, noticed the amount of people arriving, and one mage in particular. Now pixies absolutely hate fairies, and Shannara is not exempted from this fact… in fact it's slightly stronger. So it was with this slight spotting of this one mage, which caused the once shocked viewing of an indecent Eleanor, into a full out battle.

Ignoring the enraged dragon on the bed, and the humiliated friend who was slowly backing into a corner, while tugging on her shirt (hoping it would magically grow longer), that Shannara sprouted dragonfly like wings on her back and attacked the fairy mage. This caused Shin to yell out in surprise when Shannara's wings clipped him on the shoulder… unfortunately drawing attention to himself.

"Its Shin Basalt! Attack the shape-shifter!"

"A man with his sword drawn… Attack he must be with Basalt"

"A low class dragon, he must be trying to eat the Lady! He must belong to Basalt!"

"Two fairies are attacking each other! Get the one with the red hair! She must be Basalt's mate. Kill her"

His Majesty overheard the last order and therefore attacked the mage, who then started prattling about Basalt having a demon on his side. Lord Silver added to the battle by attacking the first guard within his jaws reach, his pride was horribly insulted by being called a 'low class dragon' as any high standing dragon should.

When Eleanor noticed Nor enter, stare at the ongoing battle and then grin as he noticed his sister battling the fairy… all her restraint on her tears broke. Nor leapt into the battle and started to use 'pixie dust' to confuse the battle trained fairy. Eleanor dropped to her knees as she saw out of the corner of her eye, Lord Nartain battling with Lord Silver, and cried… it just wasn't fair.

After a few moments of tear shedding, Eleanor rose to her two feet, determination in her eyes. She would not be blamed for another of Shannara's chaotic moments, she would not eat lumpy, gray breakfast while everyone else got steak and onions, she would not end up bed ridden for however long because Shannara decided to mention she was a virgin again.

Walking as calmly as she could toward the bed she picked up a pillow (the only shield available to her), then jogged over to where Lord Nartain and Lord Silver were fighting. Taking a deep breath, and drawing up as much knowledge as she could on what Lord Silver had told her about dragons, she threw the pillow at Lord Nartain and jumped in front of Lord Silver's next attack… and promptly hit him on his nose as hard as she could. Glaring at the silver dragon as it started to sneeze and stumble backwards in pain, she turned to the stunned High War Mage who was staring at the pillow in his hands in shock. His war set mind trying to comprehend what the hell a pillow was doing in a battle with a dragon, while at the same time trying to figure out if it was dangerous or not or whether he could use it to his advantage… Eleanor cared not.

Walking up to him she grabbed the pillow back in one hand and the other took his staff away. This forced him to look up from his musing and stop to stare at her heaving chest. At this very moment the dragon recovered from his sneezing and teary eyed state and leapt again at the mage… who was busy staring at Eleanor's chest… with the low collared shirt… he was by no means a pervert… but when a man… or anyone for that matter sees breasts they have to stop and stare… oddly fascinated by them.

"Silver don't even think about it." Eleanor whirled around to face the dragon that had stopped only a few seconds before biting her cleanly in half. Lord Nartain gave a yell as he grabbed Eleanor by the shoulders and threw her to the ground trying to protect her from the dragon.

"Are you a fool? In this form he wont listen to you!" Lord Nartain yelled as he grabbed his staff back from her.

"Then clearly you haven't noticed, but he didn't bite me in half yet! Now get out!" Eleanor screamed in frustration as she once again had to pull her shirt down to hide her underclothing. Lord Silver, who just clued in on what Eleanor was wearing, and how many people where still watching her, quickly changed yet again, but this time into his human form, took his robe off and wrapped her in it… this all in a span of five seconds.

Shannara and Nor, had just finished attacking the now unconscious fairy (who was later found hanging from the magical light fixture), and quickly got out of the raging battle. Eleanor watched and for the first time saw Shannara, not the immature Shannara, but the true Shannara… the pixie that mated with the Emperor or all Demons and Shadows…the friend that tried to protect them from the golden dragon…and the pixie who was at the moment watching as her mate attacked several guards… clearly he was outnumbered.

And with those few moments that she watched Shannara, that she understood why the Emperor mated with her. Eleanor smiled sadly as she watched Shannara attack with all her might, the guards trying to kill her mate. She felt useless as Lord Silver joined the fray to protect his friend… as Lord Nartain started sending orders to whomever would listen to stop. Watched as Glay and Shin, partnered up… back to back, fighting tooth and nail.

"I'm useless… just plain useless." She was a thief… someone who ran from a battle, a coward. Thieves don't fight… they just take. Even her magic was useless when you compared her to the war mages.

Her chest was hurting again, her heart sore from all the depressing thoughts, her eyes itchy from the tears… she was feeling pretty crappy too. She watched for a few more minutes as His Majesty took a critical hit and fell to one knee… still fighting.

"I just want this all to end… for everything to just… stop." Eleanor whispered to herself. Then make it all stop. You have the power to do as much. Eleanor S'mara. Eleanor stopped breathing. Eleanor S'mara… was that her name?

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