Eleanor sighed for the second time that day. If anyone were to look upon her at this very moment they would see a young woman with ebony hair and irritated hazel eyes, hanging by a tread one hundred meters above the ground. Eleanor made a point to let her irritation at the situation show by glaring at the other young lady hanging next to her.

"Shannara, I'm starting to think you do this to us on purpose." Eleanor swung her body so that she could turn to face the red head. " Every time we go out to explore you get yourself in a tight situation… and every time I save you from one… you get us deeper into it. So here I find myself hanging from spiders thread one hundred meters from the ground, assuring me of a very gruesome death… both above me and below me. With no one around to save us for at least a days ride."

"Sorry? I thought it would be fun to go rock climbing!" Shannara looked innocently at her hanging partner. "Who was I to know that a spider nested at the top…"

"I hate you." Eleanor had been staying with Lord Silver for six months so far. Every day at exactly ten o'clock Shannara would come over and they would both go outside to explore (Shannara's idea not her own). For the strangest reasons Shannara would get herself into a sticky (excuse the pun) situation and would need to be 'rescued' by Eleanor. She had a feeling that it was only due to her slight amount of magic and thievery skills that they were still alive. After every rescue Shannara would make the situation worse by doing something to 'help' her.

When both herself and Shannara finally got free of what ever it was that was making it impossible of escape they would head home and forget to mention the days happenings to both Lord Silver and His Majesty. How they got away with this was a mystery.

But Eleanor had a feeling that Shannara and herself would be here for a long time. Hanging from a cliff with a gigantic spider waiting for them at the top and a long painful drop was not something mere magic and thievery skills could get them out of.

"Why don't we try climbing up again? I don't think the spider knows where here… maybe we can sneak out? You're an x-thief." Shannara asked as she tried to reach for the sticky thread.

"Wow, wow… once a thief, always a thief. There's no "X" in font of thievery my friend" Eleanor glared at her partner. "And the last time I checked… wait a moment… what the hell are we doing here! You're a bloody fairy! Fly us out of this situation!"

"I'm not a bloody fairy! That's what I do to fairies! I'm a pixie. Do you see me doing that 'I'm a moron look' I hate fairies! Narcross thought I was a fairy too! What is wrong with you people." Shannara gave a pitiful wail. "the next person to call me a fairy I'll kill them! Unless they have really nice hair… then I'd mess it up after playing with it. I like your hair today Eleanor."

Eleanor sighed, that would be the third time today that she did, trust Shannara to start talking about hair while in a life threatening situation. Eleanor blamed it on the blood rushing to her head. The sun was about to set, Lord Silver was probably worrying and His Majesty was probably throwing threats at random peasants.

"Eleanor, I thought I should tell you this. You are the greatest friend I could ever ask for." The statement was so out of the blue that Eleanor had to actually think over what Shannara had said.

"Why are you bringing this up?"

Shannara tilted her head to one side, much like a bird would do. "Lets make a game of this! Okay… I give you three guesses as to what's big hairy and has eight legs! I find this one hard so don't worry if you get it wrong the first time. We have at least one minute to get it right."

"Pardon…" Eleanor looked up… or down if you took in account that she was hanging upside down. To her horror a spider with a belly the size of a horse and legs as long as… well… the spider was coming down the cliff at an eerie pace.

"Hey! That's cheating! No looking!" Shannara shouted her face scrunched up in a frown.

"Shannara you idiot! Start trying to untie yourself! I'll take a one hundred meter fall over getting sucked dry by a big spider!" Eleanor started to drag her body weight up to her ankles. "Chew if you have too! And don't panic! If you do then chances are you wont make it."

Shannara stared blankly at Eleanor for three seconds. "Sucked dry, like what a vampire does."

"No, they suck out all your insides. A vampire takes the blood!" Eleanor said repeating what Lord Silver had told her during one of his lessons.

"Insides..?" Her eyes widened. "NO! I'm too young and pretty to die! Narcross! Narcross! Save me! I'm sorry for calling you an old fart! SAVE ME! Oh no! Eleanor I'm going to die! I'm panicking… make me stop!"

"JUST CHEW!" Eleanor soon found herself panicking too. She was going to die. She survived everything that Lady Fate had thrown at her… or Shannara threw at her while exploring the land, and she about to die by a big stupid spider with a brain the size of a pea.

Ripping, the sound was heaven to Eleanor's and Shannara's ears. It sounded oddly like the ripping of flesh, or silk, as silk when ripped sounded like flesh being torn… but now was not the time to think about that. Now was the time to bite into that last piece of spider web, now was to die a horrible death of falling one hundred meters into the bush.

Eleanor glanced over to Shannara to see her at the last thread too. They both bit at it at the same time, and dropped.

Eleanor felt the wind glide by her. It was odd. Falling was almost like the feeling of freedom it was peaceful. The wind roaring in her ears, the sight of the spider stopping right before the cut thread. Eleanor imagined the spider glaring at them. She smiled; at least she was going to die in victory.

A hand grasped hers; Shannara was smirking at the spider while making a rude gesture, much like Eleanor had those six months ago to the nobles.

"A victory to us! You stupid human! Wait no… Spider! Ha I remembered!" Shannara yelled out.

A roar in the distance made Eleanor's heart freeze. It was a roar of a dragon. Eleanor hoped to all the gods and Lady Fate that this was Lord Silver coming to save them from the fall of certain death.

Shannara clung to her as the roar came closer. Somewhere in Eleanor's franticly thinking mind she knew it wasn't Lord Silver, Shannara seemed to have come to the same conclusion too as she tightened her hold on her. The impact onto dragon scale was startling, all air in Eleanor's lungs flew out of her, a sharp pain in her shoulder bone caught her attention, it was broken.

Looking at the colour of scale she was laying on she noticed it was gold, not silver like she had desperately hoped for. Shannara was on her knees looking at the scales blankly.

"Gold… gold… the more you see, the more you hope… gold, gold, for death." Eleanor stared at Shannara, it was the first time she heard her voice sound so fearful. Even with the spider, Shannara had held some amount of humor. "Eleanor… take the ring off that Lord Silver gave you. Throw it over the dragon! If he or she sees it we are assured death. Golden Dragons despise the Silver Dragons. If the dragon notices that we are close to the Silver Heir to the Throne of Dragons then it'll kill us instantly. Throw it!"

Eleanor hesitated for a moment, as a thief she would have much rather keep it and sell it in the nearest town, as a defenseless human… she threw it over the dragon's body. She could only hope that the protection on the ring had had enough time to warn Lord Silver and His Majesty of the situation they were in.

The situation they were in… she laughed silently to herself. The moment they tried to get themselves out of one bad situation they found themselves in something worse. "Shannara, you're my first real friend… did I ever tell you that?"

"Eleanor! You stole my line!" Shannara glared at her for a second before smiling and nodding.

"A human, and a fairy, what a catch." The dragon laughed mercilessly. The dragon was nowhere near Lord Silver's beauty… or elegance. He was slightly large around the waist, a short frame, with messy short golden blonde hair. In fact to Eleanor, he reminded her of the man picking his nose while she had desperately been looking for the non-existing knight in shining armor. Who knows maybe they are distantly related? Eleanor glared at the man, or dragon. With this dragon she truly didn't care, with Lord Silver, it almost felt like an insult to call him a man.

"I'm not a fairy… I'm a pixie." Shannara raised her shin, "I don't understand how a wise dragon such as yourself thought I was a fairy. Do you see wings on my back? Do you see the fairy glamour on me? No, therefore I am not a fairy but a pixie."

The dragon stared at Shannara for a couple of seconds before laughing, "And I happen to be a lizard. Do not try to fool me, for I am the future Lord of the Golden Dragons." He chuckled. "Fairies pretending to be pixies… did you hide yourself as a fairy so that no one would mate you for your powers?"

"If you're a dragon… then you must also be a reptile. For dragons are cold blooded are they not? And lizards are also reptiles… so if they are your distant cousins, then fairies and pixies are the same are they not? They are distant cousins as you are to lizards." Eleanor thought for a second, it made sense… didn't it?

The dragon looked at her making her flinch. "I am not a lizard, mortal." The dragon spat out the word mortal. " I am part of a different category, the category of dragons. Might I remind you that 'we' are at the top of the food chain?" He glared. "I should chew you up and spit you out in front of your lying friend of a fairy."

"But I wont, no… I think I shall save you. You are after all a virgin no? I hear they taste deliciously good in… well… I'll leave that for your pathetic imagination… if you have a brain that is." He stomped away from the cave they were in. "Move one muscle and I will tear you limb by limb."

Queen of the Storms

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