Back to this Place

Back to this place, this dreadful place. To speak with Satan once more. But with haste. To understand the reason why these demons do not call God God, but said the most high God. As its is all men faith to do so. Satan, what now soul seeker do you wish from me? If it was so I would have destroy you a long time ago. I to Satan, silent your rage and bear no hope for I wish to speak with you once more.

So tell me the truth and do not lie. Why do you and your call him the most high? Satan laughed within his roar. For human are dumb and I neither shall nor answer this score. And I reply. Does not my being here bring you discomfort? And how I shall stay till the question is answer. With a mighty roar Satan did say. Do not continue to test your fate. I reply, old foul beast it is not I who is testing his fate.

For the will was given me to know all human fate. And was told to you to do God's will. So think again old foul beast who punishment is most ill. Satan reply, after being cast from heaven I call him to a contest and lost, than later his son and once again I lost. This contest was simple between the most high God and me. Just to see if job would sins against him.

And if he would have I would be that much closer to destroying men. And with that I let Satan here.