The keeper Of Hell

Once upon a mid-night dwell, I stood before the keeper of hell. He bid me a question. How far do the sun stand that now I refuse to let you in. I reply. The sun does not stand no not anywhere but ride the space. Now move half-breed.

And the demon replies how is it that you know this a human with such knowledge? I reply, for I'm the seeker of souls. The one that God called to this high office above man. But the demon reply, I shall not bid you to enter this way, so find yourself another human. And I said, do you wish the angel to strike and the other to hold your office.

The demon reply, whet angry can hold this authories. . That I abandon shall obey. Jut than three angels appeared. Why do you reply so foolishly demon? For you know the decree! Bid the soul seeker to enter or stand to fight me. The demon reply, I answer neither to the most high God nor any of his powers.

Just before the angel was to strike Satan appeared. Than said, abandon move aside and bid the seeker to enter. Less I shall find fought against you myself. (Abandon) what matter of evil is this? Just Satan yelled a mighty roar that push abandon aside and lift him up to tare him apart.

And abandon yelled a hellish scream as his body was put back together. Than Satan turned to the angels and said, away with you there, for I know the laws of heaven and what was decreed. And suddenly the angels were gone. And I stood before Satan again and alone. Than Satan said, my demons are born of pure darkness and them office they hold dear.

But sometime they forget the laws and the rules. And I said to Satan. It true what you said, but I must do what is willed. To go into hell to see and write before the day grow ill. And Satan bowed to make a joke and said this way you shall go. And I passed through the gates of hell to write a new poem.

By Ronald Campbell.