Life in the mines was very boring. It was the same routine every single day; wake up, eat, go into the mine, come out for lunch, go back in until dinner and then go to sleep. This went on for about two weeks before the Mexican prisoners arrived. At first I was pretty happy about it, until I realized that our work wasn't going to get any easier just because there were more of us. The only big difference was that we actually got to take more breaks and actually got to work in shifts, not that those were bad things of course.

I had another strange dream one night (I hadn't been dreaming at all since the dog one). I was working in the mine, alone, with my large pickax that I had named 'Daisy' after my ex-girlfriend. It was completely silent; I couldn't even hear the sound of the ax hitting the rock. I raised Daisy high above my head in preparation for a great swing. I grunted loudly and brought it down with all my might. However, this time there was a sound, a wet, squishing sound. I froze with my eyes wide in fear. Crimson blood sprouted like a geyser from the newly made hole. I let go of Daisy and stumbled backwards into the opposite wall. More rocks fell away from the point of impact revealing the bloody face of Luthor with a large hole in his forehead. I screamed at the top of my lungs and as I snapped out of the dream I was screaming just as loud.

"Shut your fucking mouth, man!" The Wire shouted and I had trouble sleeping the rest of the night.

Then something really, really bad happened. The day after the dream, while I was working beside Luthor and this Mexican guy name Flores, the mine began to shake violently. Everyone went flying and falling in different directions and I fell backwards and landed on my ass. A Mexican worker somehow managed to land headfirst onto his pick, it went right into his brain. Flores screamed, "Dios Mio! Juan!" and began sobbing. Killian helped me up and I brushed some dust off my suit. It's not as if I really needed to though, the thing had never been washed. The guard Geoff picked up the dead worker, dragged him over to the opposite side of the shaft and put a handkerchief over his face, as if that would really help. A tall, lanky guard from back towards the surface came running down. Sweat was streaming down his face and he was dragging his shotgun through the dirt behind him.

"What is it, Vinnie?" the guard named Simon, who was standing next to me, said.

Vinnie was panting like a dog in the desert. "The-the-the mine collapsed… we're trapped!"

I almost fell over again. Killian cursed and the guards dropped their weapons. Vinnie also told us how he had lost contact with the trolley when it was deep in the mine and that it was probably derailed. I leaned back against the wall and sighed.

"How long until we're out of here?" I asked. "I don't really want to run out of oxygen." Despite the emergency I felt strangely calm.

"We won't run out of air for a long time." Vinnie said. "But I don't know how long we'll be able to survive without water and…"

He was cut off by a loud screech that reminded me of rusty nails running along a chalkboard. All of us screamed and tried to cover our ears. When it finally stopped everyone was silent and holding their breath.

"Oh my God." Luthor said, "What in the hell was that?"

My throat had gone dry. "I don't know, man, but I gotta bad feeling about it."

Everything was dead quite for several minutes when finally we heard something-a loud, squeaking sound.

"Hey…" Vinnie said quietly, "that sounds like the-the…trolley!"

The squeaking got louder and eventually the rusty little thing came into view. I almost barfed when I saw what was in the trolley.

"SHIT!" Luthor yelled, "Its Henry…and Herman…and Bill!"

"How can you tell?" I moaned, my stomach cramping severely.

The three guys were lying on the trolley-all over the trolley. Each of them was missing the skin over their chest and their ribcages were sticking up in the air. Blood painted the whole trolley like a macabre mosaic. I couldn't even fathom what might have done this.

Flores began screaming like a wild-man. "The Nahaul!" he said. "It is here, we all gonna die!"

"What's a new-hall?" I asked, trying to calm the guy down and fight the bile in my stomach.

"The Nahaul is a creature of Aztec legend, even more feared than the Chupacabra and the Onza." Flores said, "It can change to the shapes of dogs, bats or snakes…and some say it can also look like a human with the claws and head of a wolf. I heard rumors of it being here from an old woman in my village long ago. That is why all of the Mexican workers here insisted on working near the top. " His hands were shaking badly and he kept chanting some prayer in Spanish.

"That sounds like a load of shit to me." Killian said. "I bet one of the trustees just went nuts when the entrance collapsed."

"You are wrong, my friend." Flores said, and Killian shot him a dirty look. "Dead wrong, the Nahaul will kill us all, one by one, sacrificing us to its master, El Diablo."

"I gotta agree with Killian, Flores." I said. "Those wounds could have been made with one of them jackhammers they got down there. Come on, let's go check them out." I slowly walked toward the trolley but Flores didn't follow. "You're a pussy, Flores." I said as I climbed up onto the rust bucket. I really don't want to do this either, I thought.

The smell of the dead guys was nasty and I felt like I was going to blow my stomach right out my mouth. I grabbed one of the security bars and tried to get a closer look at Henry. I got a creepy feeling, added onto the nausea of course, when I looked into Henry's empty chest. Nothing was there, no lungs or heart or anything!

I turned my head to the others and said, "It's…" I swallowed hard, "empty…his whole chest is-"

That was when I noticed that nobody was moving. "Guys, guys what's the matter? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?"

I felt a tingling sensation around my neck, when I looked down I began screaming. Well, I tried to scream anyway. A thin, red, tentacle-looking thing was wrapping itself around my throat. Two more were going around my arms. I tried to pull myself away but the things had a real good hold on me. My wrists began to burn like they were on fire; my neck felt like it was going to cave in on itself and I was slowly suffocating. My feet left the ground and I began kicking.

"Oh damn, look at that thing!" shouted Killian, pointing behind me.

I managed to turn my head enough to get a look at the thing holding me in the air. A giant, blood-red creature with a long thin body and no eyes, nose or ears was sprouting from Henry's chest and wrapping itself around the trolley. In the place where there should have been a mouth an opening was forming. The red liquid stretching thinly over it as it got wider and wider. Dozens of rows of sharp teeth filled the newly formed mouth which then let out a blood curdling scream that would have shattered glass.

My vision was starting to go as I struggled to breathe. "H-h-help me." I managed to choke. I felt the warm trickle of blood in my ears.

There was a loud bang sound and the creature's head exploded into a thousand little gooey pieces. The tentacles grip on me loosened and I fell to the ground. The thing began flailing wildly. It released the trolley and fell to the ground.

"D-d-did I get it?" I heard Vinnie say faintly.

For a moment the creature was motionless but then the pieces of its head came together and strings of the red stuff shot from the body and reattached the head to the neck. I heard the others gasp as it stood up and changed into a wild dog. As I stumbled to my feet I looked directly into the creature's eyes. An overwhelming sense of fear caused me to freeze where I sat. The dog just glared back at me and seemed to be smiling. But then it exploded into a thousand tiny pieces of the liquid and with one last ear-splitting scream, slipped through the cracks in the ground.

"Where'd he go?" Vinnie shouted.

"Man, that thing took a shotgun blast to the head and just got up like it was nothing!" Luthor said as he ran over to me. "You okay, Frankie?"

I nodded. "My fucking ears hurt…plus my throat hurts and my arms feel like they're about to fall off."

Flores was shaking even worse than before, he looked pretty pitiful and I suppose the rest of us looked bad too. "It cannot be killed, we are already dead."

There was a loud scream from deep in the mine. Everyone jumped and I felt my heart jump into my throat. A dim light was bobbing up and down in the distance. Killian stepped forward and glared into the darkness.

"Hey!" he said. "Check it out, it's Mallet and he's carrying a lantern."

Mallet, the crazy fool, was stumbling up the mineshaft with a hand on his stomach. He wasn't really doing a good job of keeping his guts in; I could see pieces of his stomach and intestines dangling through his fingers.

"H-h-h-help me…" Mallet moaned as he dropped the lantern and collapsed in front of me.

"Damn." Vinnie said with amazement filling his voice. He ran over to the trolley and, after some hesitation, ripped a large chunk out of Henry's blood drenched shirt. "Here," he said, "tie this around his back and over his wound, it might hold his guts in until we can get to the surface."

"We're not even going to m-m-make it to the surface." Mallet said as I tied the shirt like I was told. The shirt sagged at the weight of Mallet's innards; I was surprised it managed to stay together. Mallet continued. "That thing killed everyone down there…I only managed to get away because it thought I was dead." He lowered his head and sighed. "It was horrible, all those people screaming as it tore them apart." Mallet seemed rather calm for someone who had just seen a dozen people die.

"Are you sure you're okay, man?" Luthor asked.

"I'm just…a little shaken up." Mallet smiled soberly, he seemed a different man than I had known for the previous weeks. "After the creature attacked the voices in my head stopped."

I sighed. "Come on, enough talking, we have to get up to the entrance and try to help clear out a way to the surface."

Just as we were about to go on Geoff let out a frightened scream; I whirled around to see the corpse of the Mexican worker, Juan, who got a pick in the head shuffling towards us. A glob of what looked like part of the monster had filled the hold left by the tool and was know pulsating like a beating heart. Juan growled and Geoff shot him several times with his shotgun. The worker stopped in his tracks and stood completely motionless. Geoff began to slowly back away when dozens of red strings flew from the shotgun wounds and into him. He didn't even scream, he just dropped his gun and began shaking violently as the strings dug deeper into his body. All of us began screaming.

"We have to get out of here!" Vinnie screamed.

Suddenly Mallet grunted and the lantern went flying through the air and slammed into the worker, exploding and sending oil and fire all over the living corpse. The red blob in the head wound tried to jump out but got caught by the fire. It let out a screech and shriveled into nothing. The strings that were stuck in the guard also caught on fire and disintegrated sending him to the ground with a dull thud. We all stood completely still and I noticed The Wire slowly edging his way toward the dead guard.

"Wire, what are you doing?" I yelled. "He's dead; we have to get out of here!"

The Wire slowly bent at the knees, grabbed the edge of the shotgun and pulled it over his shoulder. He jogged back over to us and chuckled.

"Just had to get this thing." He said, holding the shotgun over his shoulder.

It wasn't really that far to the surface, just about a half mile. Vinnie said that the lights had all gone out near the cave in so we pulled some of the lanterns off the wall.

"That was a pretty neat trick you pulled back there." Luthor said to Mallet. "How did you know that it hated fire?"

Mallet winced from the pain and said, "Well, back down in the shaft Henry swung one of the lanterns at the creature and some of the flame hit the creature in the 'face'"—he sighed and wiped a tear from his eye—"the place where the fire hit turned black and shriveled up like it was newspaper, then it ripped into Henry's chest and tore out his…heart."

I sighed. "At least he died fighting. Did the creature really kill everyone?"

Mallet looked away. "Canary Harry…he…the creature assimilated him. It just absorbed him like water. Poor Harry didn't even get a chance to scream."


The tension among us was great. The stress of working as forced labor for hours on in piled upon the fact that a monster was now after us was wearing at everybody's nerves. It felt like any one of us could snap at anytime.

"Damn, just how far down are we?" Killian groaned, stopping and leaning against the wall.

"About three miles, I'd say we're about halfway there." Vinnie said, wiping his forehead off with a handkerchief.

Killian rubbed his hands together. "Great, can we take a break? My feet are really hurting."
Simon grunted. "Get off your lazy ass and walk, if we stop that thing'll get us." He walked over to Killian and tried to pull him off the wall.

Killian's eyes narrowed and he pushed Simon away. "Get the hell off me, asshole. I'm through taking orders from you."

"You better watch your tone with me; I'll kick your ass into next week."

I sighed. "Guys, seriously, there isn't any reason to fight right now…"

Killian growled and advanced toward Simon. "Shut up Frankie. If he wants to fight I'll gladly oblige him." He rolled his sleeves up and cracked his knuckles. A wide smile crossed his face.

Simon pulled his nightstick from his belt. "Go ahead and try to hit me, I'll lay you out."

The two men circled each other like animals. I tried to stop Killian by grabbing his shoulder but he just shrugged me off like I was a bug. Luthor groaned.

"If you guys don't stop that…thing…will probably catch up with us. Let it go!" He shouted. They didn't seem to hear him.

With a roar Killian leapt forward, arms outstretched and aiming for Simon's throat. Simon brought his nightstick up with a sort of uppercut and smashed into Killian's jaw, which sent the large black man rolling on the ground. Simon smiled and chuckled moving around to Killian's back. Killian slowly stood up and turned to face the guard. "Lucky…" he murmured. It had turned into a staring match again.

"Guys…come on now…" I protested.

Simon moved forward suddenly and swung at Killian's face. Killian dodged the attack with ease and launched himself forward, tackling Simon to the ground.

"Got you now, fucker." Killian said. He raised his fist high in the air and brought it down hard onto Simon's face.

Simon's nose let loose a quick blast of blood and he screamed. With surprising strength he pushed Killian off and got to his feet. His face was stained with blood but he still looked determined. Killian laughed again, sounding rather sadistic.

"I've been itching for a killing." He said. "I guess you're the lucky fucker." He charged forward but came to a sudden skidding halt several feet in front of Simon. A look of pure terror crept onto his face.

"What's the matter?" It was Simon's turn to smile.

"There it is, run!" Flores screamed, turning and running into the darkness ahead of us. Vinnie wasn't too far behind him.

We all quickly followed suit, except for Simon and Killian. I shouldn't have looked back but I did and I stopped because of what I saw. The thing had engulfed Simon completely and he was thrashing around wildly. There was the loud sound of bones snapping and Simon collapsed in on himself. Then the creature extended itself suddenly and pierced Killian's chest. Blood sprayed from his mouth and he made a bubbly, gurgling noise. His body convulsing violently as his heart was ripped from beneath his ribcage.

That's when I noticed I couldn't move. My brain screamed and my legs ached with anticipation but I couldn't move at all.

"Hey, let's go, man!" I felt The Wire's hand grab my arm and pull.

"I…I can't." I said flatly.

"God dammit…" I heard The Wire say. There was a suddenly blow to the side of my head and I stumbled sideways. "Feel better? Come on! I'm not going to die because I came back for you."

I stared at him for a moment, looked back at the creature, which was now occupied with devouring Killian, and shuddered. I nodded and we took off, leaving our dead comrades behind.


For thirty minutes we all walked toward the surface in a sort of uneasy silence. Occasionally, we would here the sound of the creature bellowing in the distance as if to tell us where it was and how close it was getting. Vinnie's face lit up when we finally got in sight of the entrance. There were several flares lit and stuck in spaces between the giant boulders that blocked the only way out. Prisoners and guards alike were working together, slowly chipping away at the rocks with old equipment. As we approached, the warden noticed us and came to meet us.

Not to my surprise he was the only one without a pick or shovel in his hands. Still, there was sweat flowing down his face and he was wheezing pretty badly.

"Well, look who it is!" he said. "I see Vinnie managed to find some survivors." His eyes grew to the size of dinner when he saw the Wire carrying the shotgun casually. "What is he doing with that gun?" The warden shouted at the top of his lungs. "And where are Simon and Geoff?"

"Sir, they're both dead and this prisoner is carrying the gun because we couldn't leave it behind, we need every gun we have to protect us."

"To protect us from what, have some of the prisoners started rioting?"

"Sir…" Vinnie began. "You wouldn't believe what happened down their even if I had pictures."

The warden laughed and spat on the ground, "What the hell are you talking about boy? Just tell me already!"

"Well, sir, first off I believe that all of the workers and guards deepest in the mine are dead."

The warden coughed loudly, "From the quake right?"

"Uh…no, sir, we think it's because the Nahaul killed them. I'm pretty sure we're the only survivors from down there."

The warden raised a brow and took off his hat, "What in the hell is a new-all?"

Flores began speaking very quickly. He explained the whole legend of the Nahaul and how it's been killing everyone in the mine and how all of us would be dead before we could dig out, pretty much the same stuff he had kept repeating over and over for the last twenty minutes. The warden began laughing so hard I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there on the spot…not that I didn't want him to have one.

"That is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard, you don't seriously—." He was cut off by the loudest screech yet. The warden's face went pale and he dropped his hat. "W-w-w-what was t-t-that?" he stuttered.

Flores gave a grim smile and said, "That, boss, was the Nahaul, and it is only a matter of time until it comes up here and kills us all, dragging our souls to Hell."

The fear in the warden's eyes disturbed me, I really thought that the only emotions the jerk felt were anger and pleasure, at seeing us get beat and worked to death of course. The little man fumbled for the revolver at his side.

"You guys get your asses to digging; I have to get out of here as fast as possible. Before that…thing finds me."

"It's not all about you, asshole." I said. "We're all at risk here, if we die, you die."

"That's enough chitchat, get to digging now!" The warden barked.

"Mallet can't." Vinnie said. "He needs medical attention; his guts are spilling from his stomach."

The warden looked at Mallet and winced. "All right, fine. Sit him over to there and get to work."

Luthor and I helped Mallet over to the side and sat him down against the wall next to the cans of kerosene. He smiled weakly and winced again. The shirt covering his wound was starting to get a shade of very bright red and blood was beginning to leak through.

"I don't think I'll last much longer." He said weakly. "But thanks for trying to help anyway."

"Don't give up yet." I said. "I can already see a bit of light through some holes in the rubble, we could be out in a few hours, especially if the doc and the guards outside the mine called for help."

Vinnie walked up behind me and handed Luthor and I picks, "Don't count on it." He said flatly. "We're not even supposed to be here."

I took the pick and threw it over my shoulder. "What are you talking about?"

Vinnie sighed. "Well, the boss and another warden from across the border are here digging for a newly discovered vein of gold."

"You mean, like, illegally?" I asked, starting to become even more worried. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Luthor roll his eyes. "That would mean they would get a lot of money tax free."

Vinnie nodded. "Yeah, Boss was hoping to get rich with the gold and retire early. He promised the guards who went with him shares of the find. He pulled some strings with a few guys in the Senate, one of them being his cousin, and got lifers from prisons around the country transferred out here. The Mexican warden who's in on this is the boss's brother-in-law, and he's the one that discovered the gold and came up with the plan to get it."

"God damn it." Luthor growled, gripping the pick tightly. "That pisses me off. We've been getting killed so that fuck can get rich? I say we give him to the creature while we try to escape."

I shook my head. "If that thing shows up before we have the rubble cleared I have a feeling that it won't just be interested in the warden."

Luthor, Vinnie and I joined the others and began chipping away at the rocks. I found it strange that the cave-in wasn't really that serious, at least not so serious that some elbow grease couldn't take care of it. The more I thought about it the more I figured the Nahaul was just playing with us. Surely if it worked for the Devil himself it would have the power to just wipe us out in one fell swoop. My mind began to wander until the warden shoved the barrel of the revolver into the middle of my back.

"Watch what you're doing, asshole." He snarled. "Before I shoot you and leave you for the monster."

"You've all ready sealed our fate." I said angrily. "When you decided to reopen this mine you killed us all. It won't stay below for very long, it's only a matter of time before it gets us." I swung the pick again and shattered a large rock.

"Not if you work like you're supposed to." The warden said and he left me to go check on some of the others.

The warden was the only one not working; he even had his trusted guards working like madmen. Yet he was still sweating more than the rest of us. I guess the son of a bitch was just really nervous. I was secretly hoping that he would have a heart attack or something.


I thought that we would never be able to get the rubble cleared but after two hours of working Luthor managed to break a rock that let in a lot of sunlight. Everyone began cheering as I struck another that let in even more. But the hole was still too small for anyone to really crawl through, it was getting frustrating.

"See, boys," the warden said, "this is what happens when you work hard."

"Like you would know, you lazy piece of shit." Luthor said. "All you've been doing is waddling around pointing your gun at people you shouldn't."

"Is that a threat?" The warden said, smirking. "That isn't any way to thank the man who saved you from an angry mob."

Luthor dropped his pick and took a step toward the warden. "I much rather would have been lynched than have to deal with what's down here. At least with the mob I knew what was going to kill me."

The warden pulled the hammer on the gun back and aimed right at Luthor's chest. Wire stepped forward next and held the pick like a baseball bat.

"You better watch it." He said. "I don't need a wire to kill you, boss." He said "boss" with a crooked smile on his face.

The warden took the gun off of Luthor and aimed it at Wire. I sucked my gut in and moved next to Luthor; soon I was followed by Vinnie and Flores.

The warden was beginning to show fear now. "Come on, help me out here." He said to the guards who were all standing in a group with their guns down. "Do something before they kill me."

Vinnie chimed in and said. "You don't know what's down there, I do. And even if we make it out of this mine it'll be at least a week before a bus gets here. We're fucked either way and I say it's your fault for getting us into this mess. If they want to kill you it's the least you can do to accept it quietly and be glad that they're ending your suffering before it even starts."

The other guards nodded and raised their guns at the warden. The warden's face was priceless, I thought he was going to crap his unnecessarily tight pants right there. Before anybody else could say anything Mallet, who everybody was surprised to still see alive, began screaming.

"Look out, on the ceiling!" the wounded man yelled.

Instinctively we all looked up, and to our horror we saw a large red blob seeping through a crack in the ceiling.

"There it is!" I screamed.

The warden raised his revolver and began firing. The bullets didn't even leave impressions in the monster. The final bullet left the warden's gun and he kept pulling the trigger. The creature whipped two of its tentacles out violently and wrapped themselves around the warden's elbows and slowly lifted him off the ground. The pig began kicking and screaming and dropped his gun. I ran over and grabbed one of the warden's ankles and pulled. The others looked at me like I was crazy.

"What're you doing man?" Luthor yelled over the screaming of the creature and the warden. "Just let him go, he deserves it!"

"I can't…" I grunted, pulling as hard as I could, making no progress. "He's got…the keys to the main compound."

Just then everybody else around grabbed onto the warden and pulled with all their might. I felt the warden beginning to slip out of the creatures grasp just as he began screaming the loudest I've ever heard anyone scream.

"We've almost got him!" Wire said. "PULL!"

With one mighty burst of energy the whole group gave one last pull. The warden came toppling down on top of us. We scrambled to our feet and looked at the warden.

"God DAMN!" The Wire screamed.

The warden was screaming and writhing on the ground, his arms missing from the elbows down. The little nubs were flailing wildly and blood was squirting everywhere. Without thinking I crouched down and began feeling around in his pockets for the keys. The creature screamed and I jumped back just in time to see it fall onto the warden. The Nahaul spread itself over the warden's whole body. It was like putting a sheet on a thrashing baby. You could see the imprints from the warden's face clearly as the Nahaul began to melt his skin and eating him slowly. Wire turned and vomited, I could feel the bile rising in my own throat.

"Shit, someone get a lantern!" Luthor barked. "Hurry, before it finishes the warden!"

Everyone scattered and began gathering up lanterns. The Nahaul screamed and stood up to its full height. Too late, a voice in my head said. The monster unleashed a hundred of its tentacles in every direction. I dove straight to the ground and managed to get out of the way, Luthor landed right beside me. Unfortunately, nobody else was so lucky.

Wire was shouting and shooting the shotgun he had picked up, some of the bullets hit the creature but did nothing. Suddenly he was pierced by a dozen strings and went very pale his arms and legs shriveled and the shotgun hit the ground with a dull thud. The creature pulled Wire's twitching body into itself. Flores fell to his knees and began to prey as a tentacle wrapped around his neck. With one final look of pure terror on his face, his neck snapped violently to the side and his body went limp. Vinnie got a tentacle right through the skull, popping one of his eyes like a balloon. The tentacle wrapped around his head and pulled it off like it was a bottle cap. The other guards and prisoners fell one by one, screaming in pain if they survived the initial attack. I crawled into a corner and crouched down covering my ears to try and block out the horrible moans of death.

"Come get me…monster!" I heard Mallet yell.

"Holy Christ!" Luthor screamed. "Mallet's up…and he's covered himself in kerosene! Mallet! Run you idiot what are you doing!"

Mallet was staggering toward the Nahaul, holding an empty kerosene container in one hand and a flare in the other. His guts were sagging in the bloodied shirt; he looked like a zombie. But some miracle was driving him forward with a look of determination on his face. The Nahaul screeched and began flailing its stringy tentacles in all directions. Mallet stumbled closer and lit the flare. It blazed like a fire made by God himself. The Nahaul whipped Mallet in the face but that didn't slow him down. With one final effort Mallet through himself into the monster and it began assimilating him immediately. The small fire was engulfed just as it touched Mallet's kerosene soaked body.

"Damn…Mallet." I said quietly. I jumped to my feet and moved toward the beast.

Luthor put his arm out and stopped me. "It didn't work." He murmured dejectedly. "We're fucked."

Just then the Nahaul froze in its tracks; it even stopped its ear shattering screaming. A puzzled look crossed my face and I stood up slowly. There was a low rumble and the monster began to shake. I took a few steps back and the Nahaul exploded into a million fiery embers. The tentacles melted and the pieces turned to ash immediately. The silence that followed was eerie; you could have heard a pin drop. Luthor stood up beside me and stared down at the soot and dust on his blood soaked clothes.

"Now what do we do?" Luthor looked at me.

I felt extremely helpless. "How the fuck should I…"

"Hey in there!" a voice shouted. It was the Doc. "Is somebody there? Stand away from the entrance, I've got some dynamite and I'm going to try to blow the rubble away!"

Luthor and I looked at each other and moved deeper into the shaft, taking shelter behind a couple of barrels of water. Everything seemed to go still as we waited for an explosion. Suddenly, in a flash of flames and a shower of debris, there was a deafening boom. As the dust cleared we saw a large hole had formed in the rubble. Luthor and I cheered loudly as we rushed towards the newly formed exit. The doc, wearing all white and a thick pair of glasses was there to meet us.

"What was that rumble I heard a few minutes ago…and where is everybody else?"

I shook my head, laughing because I couldn't believe I was still alive. "I'll tell you later, right now we have to call for help. Everyone else inside is…dead." I sighed, the feeling of despair coming over me again.

The doc gasped. "Everyone?! Damn. This is a disaster." I handed him the warden's keys. "Well, at least you got these…that lock on the main building is a good one." His eyes suddenly went wide and my heart leapt into my throat. "Hey! It's Canary Harry! I can't believe it, we thought you were dead."

"Huh?" was all I managed to get out before the doc pushed past me.

He wrapped his arms around the skinny man. "Glad to see you made it."

A creepy grin crossed Harry's face and Luthor and I gasped. His teeth were long and pointed. His eyes flashed red as his jaw unhinged like a snakes making his mouth around four feet wide. His arms, which he had wrapped around the doc, suddenly turned to the familiar shade of red goo and connected, trapping the doctor in a grip of death; the doc screamed loudly.

"No!" Luthor screamed as the creature literally bit the doc in half, leaving his legs standing alone.

A split second later a thousand pin-sized tentacles pierced Luthor. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and something around my neck squeeze my throat shut. I tried to scream but everything went black.