The souls in the rain fire

The rain there burn hotter than the sun. And the souls here cry the loudest. They are the souls the once told people their future. Now here in this dim and gloomy place. Their eyes are sew shut. And the angel said to me; speak to them as fast as you can. For time show soon I shall take you back to the world of men. So without fear in my heart I took to my part. And came across two spirits. The first one yell for me but at the same time cried so bitterly that I cried with her. And the other one was so full of hate, but the rain made his haste.

She said to me, who are you that the rain does not touch? Are you here to burn with us? Now mind you dear readers that I'm am not a man of great knowledge. But I told the soul that I am to follow the father who is God. For he is the one that call me the seeker of souls, for this is the office that I holds. She said, do you have the power to ease me a bit? I reply, I have no such power. You're suffering in your doing, with magic and future telling, it is your sins that burn you. She said, so why do you come? Just to make fun? But before I could answer the other souls came. They said, why do you come to write our tales, and into the world above to tell of our pain. I reply, the power that wills your suffering will me the same to write of your punishment.

But even here in this doom pit you can refuse me if you wish. I will just move on to those that understand. Soon a rage came to one of those spirits soul. And he said, leave us alone! For in the world above future I told, do not wish me to tell that of your! I reply but very sly, you have no power over me. For here in this pit you have not the same power you once had. Now time beacon me to move on.

But through the same realm and the same damn souls. But here there bodies were twisted and their eyes wide shut, and their hands were pasted to their chest. I said, oh angel what is their sins. The angel reply. The same! But these are the souls that said we do it in the name of the lord. But yet a wager was paid to feed their greed whores. There soul seeker do you see that soul with speak. Is this the reason it call for me. For there is great pain in this place and great woes. For yes they know that you are the seeker of souls. Remembering time I walked with great haste to see what the souls had to say. But when the other souls saw me coming they begun to run away. So I stop to ask the angel why? The angel relies. For they know that you are send by God. Now open you mouth for wisdom is there. And I did. I said, dear spirits look at me once a man am now like thee. For I bring no comfort for your souls, but I will write your stories for those souls above. And I watched as the fire in the dark grew so very hot. And one of the damn spoke to say. In this place a name was said, a writer of souls will pass this way. The soul seeker are you he? I reply, for the reason of truth I be he. But the other souls continue to hide. But this one came closer, with his head turn to cover his eyes. I said what is your name.

He said, my dear brother above in the world from which I came. They once called me astelus and telling future was my game. For I was so in love with God and Jesus that the gift of sight was my evil. If I knew than what I know now, I would have never line my pockets with Satan money, food, and wine. I asked, what is Satan money, food, and wine. He says, the wager of money, sex, and lies. And most of the people that came to me. To hear of they'll future I lie indeed. For some of them I saw nothing at all, but for the rest I saw this fall. But for me I did not care to see, and I lived like a God inside my home. And when death came he found me alone.

And raise my spirit as high as the moon, and my soul to this dirty hole. I reply this is a sad thing for me to hear. But when I return back to the world above what do you wish me to tell them? The soul reply, I have no words of comfort for those soul above, but if you need me to say anything. Tell them to love God just a little bit more. And when he finishes speaking he when back to that hole. Where the rain of fire quickly grab hold. And the angel with me said, now you must return home. For the sun has already reached its high. And there is much more for me to show you. When this day turn to night. And in my bed there I awake remembering their cries.

By Ronald Campbell.