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Part Three

October 31st

Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days. Everything has been moving really fast and crazily. First of all Jake betrayed me and gave my diary to my mother to read. I got home from the dance that night practically on cloud nine, and there she was with my diary in her lap and I came crashing down so fast I couldn't breathe. I thought she was going to kill me, I mean really kill me. Throwing up those dinners she actually took the time to make, smoking pot, all the hateful things I'd said about her… but I was wrong. Apparently I've been wrong about a lot of things lately.

What actually happened is that she actually started crying. I never thought she would cry over me. I was so confused that I just stood there and didn't say anything. Mom got up and hugged me and said, "I'm so sorry."

I wasn't exactly sure what she was sorry for so I still didn't respond. Then she added, "Don't you know I kept a diary just like this one when I was your age?"

She has me talking to this person now. I've only met with her once so far but I really didn't like it. I didn't say much the whole time I was there. I don't really see how talking to this person is supposed to help me, and I really don't know if anyone really can change who I am. But then I know that's wrong because Jake has already started to change me. And I think I've changed him a little bit, too.

Anyway, the only useful thing the person said to me was to try to eat as normally as I could for one day and to see what happened. And the truth was… nothing happened. I felt a tiny bit sick but I controlled it, and I didn't gain twenty pounds like I thought I would. In fact, when I weighed myself that night I hadn't gained any weight. Well, that's one day down. Still have got about a million more to get through… but I'll take them as they come.

Jake and I are boyfriend and girlfriend now. We never really said anything about it to make it official, but I guess since we went to the school dance together that makes us boyfriend and girlfriend. Yeah, I know… even though he betrayed me. But the fact is my diary isn't the only thing he stole. It's kind of like how Melanie still went out with Joe after he made out with me. When it comes to relationships, there are some things you just can't explain.

He waits for me after class and everyone's already used to seeing us together. I'm definitely not invisible anymore. The other kids at school have actually started being nicer to me. Chris said something like, "If Jake thinks you're cool, then you have to be." Sometimes just Amber or Ricky will say something mean, but we don't pay attention to them.

But now I see that even if there are other girls who have it worse than me, I definitely have it a lot worse than some other girls. So there is always room for improvement.

Tonight I'm going trick or treating with Melanie, Joe, and Jake. The four of us have been hanging out a lot this past week. Maybe I'll even let myself have a little bit of candy. At least I know it won't kill me.

It was pretty funny last night; Melanie kept calling me Jennifer, and suddenly I got up and yelled at her that my name was Jenna. The three of them were pretty surprised; they've never heard me so loud before. But really, just Jenna is all I'm ever gonna be. We all started laughing and Jake pulled me back down onto the cruddy couch and he kissed me for the first time. And let me tell you, nothing ever tasted so sweet.