I stare at an empty album

trying hard not to visualize your photos still there.

Trying not to recall what you thought of them.

But I can't forget 're everywhere.

I can't erase you no matter how hard I try.

I see your face all around me.

In my dreams and every cloud in the sky.

Your voice still echoes throughout my head.

I still remember every apology that you have said.

And each time I forgave you,

knowing that you'll do it again.

You know I tried being a good friend.

I even gave you all of my strength to lend.

But each moment you took a piece of my heart,

you shattered it and tore me apart.

So here I am still staring at the book.

Trying to relax now that you're gone

But I can't replace you.

Why do I feel as if I'm the one

who has done everything wrong?