Just Thinking

In Loving Memory of Andrew Kent Bernstel

Just thinking

About last year

When we were young and restless

Eight graders with ants in our pants.

That day in science

An innocent joke

When you hid under my desk

Waiting for the perfect time to say 'boo'.

You popped up

That cute curly head

And I keeled over, convulsing

Like an uneven heartbeat.

Then thinking

About this year

When we were older and supposedly wiser

Freshmen with butterflies in our stomach.

That day in the hall

When I saw you

For the first time all year

And I wanted so bad to just say 'hello'.

But I didn't

I waited

Thinking I'd just see you later

Since you didn't know me well anyway

Talk you another day when I wasn't so busy.

But there wasn't

There would never be another time

Another day

That I could talk to you

Because you left that weekend

Just like that—

A smudge wiped clean off a chalkboard.

Just thinking

About the last time

I saw you.


About how much

I really miss you.