Wendy Wicked

Wendy Walters found the scene
Barely past the age fourteen
She met a boy of punk rock fame
And Wicked became her new last name
She went to shows and danced in pits
Started hanging 'round with no good gits
Wendy Walters, who knew it all
Was spiraling for a downward fall

Tried her first cigarette on her fifteen birthday
Experimenting with a new cliché
A week later she tried some beer
At a party with her fake friends near
Her boyfriend took her drunken body
In a room and stole her virginity
Wendy woke up with a searing pain
Erupting through her deadened brain
Her boyfriend said it would be alright
While he was there she shouldn't fright

But months went by and Wendy knew
As her stomach grew and grew
No longer could she keep aplomb
For she knew she would be a mom
Her boyfriend panicked and said that maybe
He could stay to help the baby
Her parents sent her far away
For Wendy, boyfriend, and child to stay
There, barely sixteen, Wendy delivered
A girl in which despair incurred
Wendy thought her boyfriend tried
But deep inside she knew he lied
And in the middle of the night
He packed his bags and made his flight

Now Wendy Wicked was all alone
With a baby and a home
Her parents pretended she didn't exist
So Wendy was forced to subsist
All day her baby cried and cried
And all day Wendy sighed and sighed
She worked a job from 9 to 5
Just so her 'family' could survive
Yet minimum wage wasn't good enough
To keep them going strong and tough
So Wendy got another job
With sleazy, middle-aged slobs
Although her conscious began to daunt
She tried to give them what they want

So Wendy Walters, oh so sweet
Was flaunting herself down on the streets
Hoping to make some extra cash
To feed her baby and buy some hash
Her boyfriend joined a punk rock band
Who traveled all across the land
And then one day they came to play
Where Wendy was forced to make her stay
And for one last time, she decided to go
With her baby to the punk rock show
Yet she couldn't dance inside the pit
Or hang around with no good gits
Her life could never be repaired
Wendy was anguished and despaired
When her ex-boyfriend saw her face
He felt a moment of disgrace
Did he stoop so low to sleep with her
That mangy, useless, ugly cur?
Then, that moment, their eyes met
And Wendy Wicked began to sweat
Then her ex-boyfriend looked away
And Wendy's heart began to fray

Then Wendy ran out of the show
With her baby girl in tow
In the cold night she began to shiver
Then Wendy threw herself into the river
So Wendy went from innocent teen
Honor student and beauty queen
To homeless slut on the corner
All alone with none to mourn her
She died depressed and left her baby
To grow up to be just like her mommy...