Remembrance Song

Memories used to be my best friends,

Now they're my worst enemies

'Cos every time I close my eyes

You are all that I see.

They used to help me to remember,

All that I was scared I would forget.

Now instead of a colourful portrait

All I see is a silhouette.

So soon you and I

Turned into a "we"

Now you've gone away

And it's just me.

I wonder if it would hurt less

If the pain would go away

If I could, would I forget

Or would I let the memories stay

Would I be able to move on

To leave you behind

If all the painful memories

Had been wiped from my mind

Would I be better off

If I let go of you

Or would a piece of me be missing

Would I know what to do.

I don't know

And I guess I never will

But there is a hole in my heart

I don't know how to fill.

So I guess I'll have to remember

To see your face at every turn

Before I can't see it anymore

And this time it won't return.

So broken hearts will be mended

And holes will be filled

There's never any use crying

Over milk that's already been spilled.