Dead without You

Alone… through this road of endless lies,

Fear… seething through my skin,

Doubt… clouding my only reason,

And all I could feel wasn't even real.

Darkness… my only sanctuary,

All I could see were masques unknown.

Death… right beside me,

Were you the one who summoned him?

Left and right I only see cold backs,

Up and down I only feel pain,

I never saw a rainbow or the light so warm

After you left me in this cruel world.

When you died I just stopped breathing,

When you left my heart just bled,

Now you're gone and all I can do

Is to stare at the sky, dead without you.

Dig up my grave, save me from the sun,

Let me live with you under stone and sand.

My soul has left, I am an undead,

Rest my soul in Doom's deathbed.

When you died my nightmares became real,

When you left, I'm through with sleep,

Now you're home and all I'll ever do

Is to stare at the sky, dead without you.