Before I ask you to marry me.

In all the relationships that you been in, I'm not him. For in all the relationships that I've been in, you are not her. Please do not bring his words to me. And I shall not bring her words to you. For whatever you ask of me, its shall be given you. For I myself should not ask for anything that you already given me. And for whatever woman that shall find me happy or sad, shall not find the words for me to cheat on you. May I ask that of the same from you? I shall and have given you every secrets and mystery of me, for in love or lovemaking you have given your mystery to me.

I shall never find any hope of being in love, when I have the knowledge to know that I'm in love. For every promise that was and wasn't and could and couldn't be I given them to you when first I asked your name. And when you saw fit to come with me or love me or given your love to me your promise was given to me. How easy in these times is it easy to say I love you. For here is the mystery of it all. Before you say it show it, and if showing it is not great to you than all is lost to you.

I say than things to you today, for in the darkest days of my past, I did give up my innocent with a cost. And in sadness you did to. But in truth and find, I found that my innocent saw never lost. But was under a cloud of dark understanding. And that dark understanding did not come from God the father or our lord and savor Jesus. But what men think a man is, and what men think a woman should be.

But when enlighten forethought join with enlighten afterthought my innocent was restored. Than I found the understanding how two souls become one soul. How I will find my heart in loving you and you loving me. How we could talk without confusion and strange misunderstanding. And how our life's is our. And those outside it have no place in it. For in making love we can reach the highest spot that we can reach.

And I shall teach you and you shall teach me and our love shall teach us. For if or when we shall have a baby or babies, He or she or they shall know that they was made out of pure love. I write this letter to you today and only to say, that when the day come and I shall ask you for your hand in marriage, that it shall not just be me asking be us. For when you said yes they would be the dearest words from our hearts.

By Ronald Campbell.