I only knew you in spring.

What the warmth of a moment can bring.

It only took a second for a seed to take bud

of the attraction and the tenderness;

The desire had sprung.

You were like a flower that blooms when only lust sings;

I opened you as I held the sun;

And what a season without a reason,

only the need that we both wanted to be loved.

12:06 am that was when

you first told me that you loved me.

Thursday night by a candle light,

you eyes as blue as a summer sky,

and I wanted to cry

Because right there in your arms I had melted like the wax.

side by side,

you and I,

our bodies facing eachother

somewhat entwined like an ivy vine on the bed;

talking and laughing about things we just said.

And I remember saying to myself,

"This is where I want to be."

Not just at springtime

but for all time,

yeah, just you and me.

Never in my life had these words felt so true,

and you knew

how deep I was in love with you.

Nothing has ever been the same

after you.

There has never been a candle flame

that has ever burned as bright as you.

And there are times when I can not accept

that you are gone from me;

as if I awoke in the night to find it only a dream.

Out of the four seasons

our spring is so small.

Even now I wish I could have had you through them all.

Warm sunny mornings

a hint of jasmine blowing in the breeze

For this,

I would have taken any one of these.

Rushing through where the the sun flowers grow,

How was I to know I carried one of yours with me.

That is when it seemed to end so silently.

Yes, she was taken from me.

It was so perfect

a simple box of spring

tied up in a ribbon of unseen things.

Guardian angels have lost their wings.

I know this because

I can no longer fell them flutter inside of me.

You were there,

I'm still here,

carrying a present without anything.

This ribbon

you choose, it was not for me.

Rather to have gold than a child bare your name.

I suppose I'll meet you at the fork one spring day.

If it is in winter, she'll cry out your name.

You'll know her for her ribbon will still be the same;

only through time and through decision, it has unraveled;

Should you had chosen me...

well, it wasn't the road you traveled.