Hello again, Trendsetter.

Have you become accustomed to your new name yet?

You know, it really fits.

How are you too ignorant to understand what you've become?

I can't even bare the thought of your existence.

Now listen, and hate yourself as much as I.

I hate you, Trendsetter.

I hate your "cool" exterior

That disguises who you really are.

I hate that you can't be the same person

If you put on a new shirt.

I hate how you're fading as quickly

As your newest hair color.

You'll just chip away,

Like the silver polish on your finger tips.

The impression you give

Is as if you don't know what you're doing.

Are you so naive, Trendsetter?

So stupid?

You're just another thoughtless follower.

A fad better viewed in the dark.

Understand, Trendsetter, that you contradict

Everything you are to even exist at all.

I hate how you crumble under yourself.

Under the weight of someone other than yourself.

I despise your pitiful face

That mocks who you're trying to become.

You cannot be yourself,

You've been lost for too long.

You'll tear apart a closet

To find a shirt that's perfect.

One that fits so nicely - makes your boobs look bigger.

You're insignificant,

Constantly trying to make yourself

Bigger and better than you need to be.

My dear Trendsetter…

Nobody wants to look at you trying to be perfect.

No one cares that you're not.

Who even cares to know your real name, if you don't?

My Lord! "Trendsetter" really is your only name now!

You disgraceful fool!

You're going to decay and rot, too worthless to be reused.

Nobody wants you here, Trendsetter.

I'm afraid you'll just have to be the lonely example to the rest

To be who they are and not what others want.