A flower once said to me:

You! Smile.

Your sadness offends me.

Draging. Drowning. Dying.

Everything in your path withers and dies.

Everything around you abandons hope for lies.

When you cry the stars can't shine.

You are a self inflicted disease.

Crying. Cutting. Crawling

A festering puss.

So smile.

Abandon your petty pain.

Slowly. Shriveling. Shrieking.

You are sad if this is all you possess.

You are sad, and you cause others distress.

Your pain soils bright tomorrows.

You are a waste of sunshine.

Mutter. Moan. Mope.

A sharp pebble.


It could be worse.

Laughing. Lovely. Lazy.

And you grant others the will to live

And you bless their tears with what you give.

They need to be reminded.

Wasted, waiting world.

Teach them how

To smile.