HI everyone! My names Katie and this is a story I made on my holidays. Here's the 1st chapter so review if you like it and to continue!

Love Katie


"Please don't leave" I said with tears running down my face "I have to Nicky as much as I don't want to, it's a great opportunity for my dad" Riley said looking like his heart was breaking "I'll write every week" "You better or I'll jump on a plane to Hawaii and kick your butt" I said with a smile amongst my tears "I promise Nicola Barton" "Goodbye Riley Pickett"

He said he would write but he didn't, well he did for a couple of weeks but stopped. But I'm over it now. It's been 5 years since I've seen Riley. I have a good life now, have finished school, and in a band called Immortality (I'm the lead singer) in Melbourne, Australia (my home town). I'm 20 years old. The band consists of Me, Kylie (my best friend), Kyle and my brother Zack. We're on the way to Hawaii for our first MTV VMA's (Video Music Awards). It's going to be such fun! The band started to go skyward 3 months ago when BMG records signed us up.

2pm 6/11/2005, Hawaii

"God! It is like tourist central!" I exclaimed as we checked into the plaza hotel on the south beach.

"I know imagine the parties they have here!" Kylie said slipping into party mode. My bestie is a partyholic. 5 nights a week she is at a party and I guess coz I go with her every night it makes me a partyholic!

"I'm sleepy sis I'm gonna crash" Zack said yawning for good effect. Zack is 15 years old and is our drummer.

"Yeah me too girls" Kyle said looking weary. Kyle was born on the same day as me in the same year so he's 20 too. He's one of guitarists and Kylie is the other one.

"Ok then we'll be getting ready for the gig tonight then" I said as we walked into the room "Take care of him Kyle" I yelled as I shut the door.