Mama how? Mama why? Me Mama!

I lay in your belly and loved you, because you were my mother. For in your belly is where God placed me. To be your son or daughter. I once briefly thought that I would enjoy your laugher of the silly things I would have done. Or the things I would have said. You mama never love me enough to give me that chance. Don't know much if it was love between you and my father, and mama what would my father said if he knew what you did.

Now why do you ask the seeker of souls to write your soulful letter to me? Mama did you love me? Mama would my brothers and sisters love me? Mama why didn't you kiss me good night? Mama why did you give up the fight? Was you scare for another child mama? Did you even give me a name mama? Or do my death remain the same mama?

Mama so many questions and no answers, did you even care to know that I would have grow up to be somebody mama. Do you cry at night from the emptiness in your belly mama? And did I have the choice to call you mama. Now here in God's arm I cry for you mama. And here in Jesus house I remain mama. And now in my mind I think of the day, when I would hear you said. Good night baby, good night darling.

This is not the only time the soul seeker will write about us mama. For the spirit will and bring him to me mama. Even now look how he cry's. He didn't even know me but his tears ask the reason why. And there a story I wish to tell mama. About a place call heaven and hell, there a mystery in this man that writes. Mama look in his eyes there is my life. Mama the story is why you gave up.

Mama can you bring me back, no, because you didn't even care for me. How many more time shall I ask you this? Why couldn't you give me a kiss? And how the seeker of souls will not tell you tale, lease not till you go to hell! Mama don't think I'm mad because you were weak. But till you die I will not seek. When he comes to tell me the story I will tell. The pain of your sins which is your jail. Now I must go back to heaven where I belong. But for you still there on earth and suffer.

By Ronald Campbell.