For the Battle cometh.

All night I could not sleep. For something in my heart haunted me. A world of gray in dimmed light. Grew by the darkness of night. While the sun hid her face, and the moon shine not her grace. Hope is careful and faith is strong, and words said out of careless whisper are words spoken in the dark. And all souls stir without ease. And in the middle of all this stood me. For what else in this world souls are said.

For out of the graves rise the dead. Our love one to place us in their graves. For it the final. The children were cast up in the wind, as the parent stood still. And a great cry was heard about. As the mothers screamed and the father shout. The greatest war is at hand to chose the faith of all men. For centuries we rejected God. Now the father has turned his eye.

And men of war and their war machines could not and would not over come the evil within. For hurtful mothers and fathers, and sisters and bothers and aunt and uncles and distance cousins and this world shall find no dam comfort. Yes dear reader you all do know what this story is about to unfold. As Satan sit upon his throne, and his demons awaits his deadest call. While men sleep in their bed at night.

Knew not of this terror able fight. But those men of true faith have warned them throughout this world time. But now to men time is deny. Oh we should been great father to our children. For the great betrayer hold fast his honor to destroy man within the hours. For God have given Satan his call to spread his evil upon us all. None shall be saved and woe to us all.

To the greatest war and to men greatest fall. And all races shall suffer this terror able doom. For even now all races can not agree who shall rules. For all they have proving is that they all are fools. Now as I sit here and write man still have the time to set it right. And for those who think they are right. Here a hint for the beginning of the fight. Men shall look for the darkest night. Because from the west and the south his army grows, for in the east and the north the judgment comes. For no souls shall pass the judgment no not even me. That why I was given the chance to write this for you. For there is no more saving us in God thoughts. Cause chance after chance he have giving us.

And men eyes are close to see one giving. Now I shall tell you with truth in heart, that we shall suffer Satan dark. I have written about this darkness and gloom, but now I shall show another chance for you. Just before the great fall of men that unholy night. We will stand to see the holy light. For the son of the most high come with a single tear in his eye. Cause just like his father he has love for you and I. and with his army's of angels that love him true. Shall fight the devil and his demons for me and you. And if you have any sense you would ask for forgiveness at that time. Cause there is no great chance for man.

For let us all find this faith in us. For now we shall prepared for the battle. And if the spirit wills, there I shall write the victory of men. And the children shall not cry when the darkness comes. Cause they shall live in peace with all of us.

By Ronald Campbell.