Satan and I

My childhood was not one much remember. No father a mother that work to much and all these memories. But one thing unconcern. The walks and talks and the games and the things unsure of. I was eight years old and could not see, the way that Satan led me. Such words of comfort in a world so dark. He led me in the way of an evil heart. He taught me to play so many games, and allow me to give them names.

All around my childhood days, were nothing but pimps and players, and con men bay. I seek to be just like them. But only to ware a difference hem. I learn those games so innocently. Only to find out the Satan played them on me. Don't get me wrong Satan was never a friend of mine. Just that his words caught my mind. One thing for sure you must know, I kept the bible and God's words close.

But still I went that way, to go and play with the devil that day. He took me by the hands such an evil thing. And show me what men and women thinks. Their thoughts were cold and sad. Because they didn't understand the thing that Jesus says. For all of them looked for sorrows, lust, and greed. And didn't care once where it led their souls to bleed. Just than the light of the lord shined. And told Satan that this man is mine.

Now show him all he need to see and do not seek the rage in me. Satan reply, dear enemy of mine. Why does your light shine over mine? Free will you gave this matter. But yet you always seem to meddle. When I temp your only begotten son. Did you not come for the run? Now this soul I seek. And still you chase me. And the light of the lord spoke once more and say to the son of death born. No soul on this earth belong to you. But do as I decreed or another punishment you will bleed. With a loud roar the beast did shout, get out, out of this dreadful house. For all the souls that sins belong to me. And the children of dent. With all of this I dare not speak. But where did I belong in all of this.

For I feared all the way down to the bones of my soul, and wish only to go home. But the light of the lord spoke once more. Show did man the children of woe. And with that the light of the lord shine no more. And Satan turned and gnaws and moaned and looked at me with a hateful score. Come with me child of once grace and I shall show you the greediest face. And those who worship money not faith. See the child now a man. Who inherit this wealthy land? As a child so poor and dirty. He swore to me his soul and children if I could make the riches man in the world. ( cause my enemy heard not his praise or words) (Grant him) I did this deed. And seven children he granted me. Now at his age so old. I'll now collect his very soul. And I watched as the devil took his soul, and cast him down to the dirtiest of soles. The man screamed and moans. But there was no repentance for his soul.

Now the devil smile with gleam. And said, now come with me. I will show you the song they sing for me. These are the souls that hurt, for the hunger of their lust. Oh how men find glory in their tails and women in their tales. Both trying hard to be a greater lover than that of me. Now look at their souls divine, they will never care if their souls were mine. All trying to be the best. So I set out aids and STD and all the rest. Just to set their soul to rest. In a pit so far and deep, that their prayers to him will never reach. No – no you once chosen man. This lust is now your land.

How my soul grief for them. As I heard them pleasing to him. But he sat there laughing out loud. While the souls show tears and frowns. How can I tell the world above, what horror able death awaits us? I turn to Satan to say these words. Show me the sorrows so that I may return to the world. With an evil look so clued. Satan turns and said no all were shown to you. Here now will you stay with me. And to hell with his words and his punishment for me. I said, Satan I never loved you nor was we ever friends. So show me the world of the sorrowful or release me back to the world of men.

Satan smile and said you fool. There is a special soul in you. Premises are made and some set loose. But no no not you. Where is you faith now in his words of his light? Come and be mine delight. I said Satan I'm no fool nor am I dumb the words of his light is why I come. So show me what was decreed of you or send me home. Or I shall write your new punishment in this poem.