The 30th Poem

How was I to know that the 30th poem would be the last one given me? And would be written about me. And how the power of writing and sight would be give to the seeker of souls. And the hour of my writing would come, for my hands shake more than ever before. And that this poem would be the longest one.

Now a secret shall be told, about the misspell words and the power they holds. Those that read them will not see, but those that seek will agree. For the angels did not give the power to me to revel. But to hide them in the 30th poem. And he or she that has a great mind will find in the riddle the power of sight. And the 30th poem will he or she write. And that of the faith of man and woman life. These are the chances that I once spoken of. And I'm allowed to give you just one more.

Now watch for the hints and listen for the flint, for here are the misspell words and the power that they hold.

Eth amen ork txe siou rsexec oi dianor xuarpeqrow 'x'-&,'u otn-aoj six youpvoup err utopaivotp a iffy ja oaf uopc.

And here is the number of the world.

2088 69181920 18944125 919 81523 1311425 81512519 1185 914 2085 1135185183314 141523 201115 123125 920 225 2651815 141523 4922918 920 225 2085 1141523125475 156 13514 11141523125475 81523.

From the beginning to the end. For let him that has right understanding solves the riddle. For God know the heart of man. And man must find his own way through what is given him. Till that final day. The words are misspelled but the number are as is. For the seeker of souls stand within. So gather up all your knowledge and wits and strength. For sure you will need them. And if this seem too easy for you than you did not follow the clues.

By Ronald Campbell.