The Plead.

Walking the street under the stars, I gazed to the wonder out far. A light like I never seen. The light of the homeless and the stars of greed. I know not how to write it. For I knew not what it mean? So away I went down an alley. But to my surprise there its was that same strange light. Was I to go back another way? Just a voice say, are you the seeker of souls this we must know. I said, by reason of truth this I agree to the voice that speak with me, I be he. For who are you that beacon me. They reply, we are the other souls of greed. Now come closer that we may see. Please dear reader's dean me not a fool, for I know not these souls or what they might do. I reply, I shall stay my distance for out of human fear. But they reply, we can do you no harm, for the angels that guide you stand near. So with light foot I wonder near to see what these souls feared. Now they said, that close enough now look into out light for it can not lie.

So I looked into the light and away I went back to the land of dis. There I saw the children some poor and some rich. For all these heart heaven missed. The poor whom children was treated bad, may their wish to heaven sad. So I walked over to the first group that faced the ants of hellish loop. For the were made to jump and run. And if any fall their punishment begin. To be scourge without hope and fear and tears and to tell their story without ends. They said, we make our deal with Satan you know. Who fooled us without any hope? For we are children from broken homes. The raped, the abused, the forsaken, and even the forgotten. For we all made unknowledgeable deals with Satan. And how we try to cover our shame with gifts and money and all sorts of deals. I reply, if you did take your money to the poor and same, than why do you suffer this great shame? For we did not do as Jesus said.

Love thy enemies as thy self, foes and families and strangers alike. That is the way to inherit life. We only thought that once we become stars that the world above would become ours. I reply, do you mean to reply that you did not love your fans at all. They reply, our love was fake do you see. We only loved our fans for more fame and greed. Dear readers please understand that after hearing this I became mad. I said, your punishment fit you all well. Here in this salt of hell. And now you wish for me to go back to the world above and tell them what!

They reply, of us. Whether they are singer or writer or actor or even talk show hosts this place they need to avoid. For if God and the good son did not come first, than this is where they shall find their greatest thirst. So give God and Jesus all the praise. And mean it everyday. For we are the souls that played with true love. So go now and tell those souls above. Now I sit here dear readers I know, that if ever true fame shall go my way. I shall not grab hold of it. Not only shall I give to the poor that once I been. But without hate and that judgment. And I shall find my way to God and Jesus. For if being a star or a superstar mean giving up my place in heaven and to sit and weep in hell. Than I pass the chance to be rich and name well. And please don't think that all stars are like this, just the one's that forgot and no longer care. That God and Jesus truly love them. Dear reader's do you not know that love. That he who is our loving father in heaven has created hell because sometime he gets mad. For the things that we do and for we do them freely.

By Ronald Campbell.