This Photo Makes Me Wonder.

James snapped a picture of that tree. That flower. Everything in the park. That dog, that man. Then came that girl. The girl that made him think.

She is beautifulā€¦

He snapped another picture of her.

Her hair falls into her eyes so elegantly.

He took one of her blue shirt. Of her black jeans. Of her golden hair.

I wonder how soft her lips are?

Of her full red lips.

Or how smooth her milky skin is?

Of her hand.

I wonder what she thinks of me.

Then the girl walked over to him. She smiled, walking beside him, talking. About stuff at school, about boys.

Each moment I spend with her, I wonder what it would be likeā€¦

Then she saw her best girl friend. She waved good-bye to James, and ran off. Leaving him standing alone, camera around his neck. He stared after her, longingly.

If we were together.