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Chapter 17

The four of them went into Tristan's study. When everyone was settle down comfortably in the chairs provided, Calen and Darian sitting in a loveseat with Darian's arm over Calen's shoulders and Tristan and Nikolai taking a single seat, the two lovers began their explanation. The whole story was folded out and the Emperor and his son's eyes were wide with wonder. It was not something that was done lightly by the gods, letting someone be reincarnated back to be together with their lover - unless if it was a true soulbond. And with the way Darian and Calen were entwined so comfortably together with no eyes for no one but each other, the father and son could see that there could be no doubt that it was a soulbond. And who was he to doubt what the gods had sanctioned? If they wanted to be together, than he would pose no protest for them. In fact, if the reaction of Tristan's court was to be taken in, he would have to make it clear to all that he approved of the match. He glanced at his son and they both smiled.

"What are you going to do next?" Tristan asked when Calen was done telling his story. "You can stay for the ball or go home. I will take no offense. Although it would be better if you stayed and showed everyone that you don't care what you think of their thoughts and reactions. And I could show it to them that I don't have a problem with my brother having a male lover and soulbonded at his side. As long as you're happy, I'm happy. You have been in a sad state for far too long."

"I agree with Father," Nikolai said.

Calen and Darian looked at each other seeming to have a silent conversation with each other. All was quiet for awhile as Tristan and Nikolai waited for the verdict. It was not very long in coming. Presently, the pair turned to look at both men with twin smiles on their faces.

"We will stay, if only to stick it in their faces that we are happily together," Calen said, grinning maliciously.

"Yes, it would be an amusing prospect," Darian said, a twinkle in his eye.

"Excellent," Tristan said, smilling in relief. That way, he could solve a problem of an all too contended court. All four men leaned in to discuss their plans.

The whole week went through in a flash, with Darian and Calen oblivious to the disapproving stares of the whole court with exception of a few who saw no problems with the relationship. Somewhere along the week, Calen and Alric had their happy reunion with Darian smiling indulgently at the two when they acted like it was the Goddess's gifting day come to life. The two talked an talked and talked and talked so much so that after an hour, when Darian could see that the two men were not near being done with their talking that he stood up and excused himself from his and Calen's rooms to seek out something that wouldn't bore him to death. Darian ended up in the Library reading up a book on the History of War by Bennette Percivus, a noble that was alive over a hundred years ago.

Soon, it was time for them to return to Zionen. Calen and Darian were saying their last farewells to Tristan and Nikolai, all of them hugging each other and extracting promises that they would write and keep in touch with each other. Calen wouldn't look away from the Capital until it was finally gone in the horizon. It was there that he had finally met with his love. The gods had been good to him, landing him in a place that Nikolai would find him and deciding to take him back to the Capital as his body guard and later on taking him on as an instructor. And finally the invitations to the Ball. Who would have thought that Darian would actually come? But he did. And they found each other again.

Calen snuggled into Darian's arms, breathing in the scent of his mate. He smiled. Yes, the gods had been good to him. They brought him back to life so that they could be together again.

Silently, he gave thanks to the gods as the carriage went on it's way, driving ever onward back to Zionen - their home.