It's been 13 months and 6 days since

You last denied my existence.

And 30 more since I heard you

Drunk on the radio

Singing "roll to me."

I used to sit at my Western most point

Just to cover a fraction

Of the miles between us,

To your friends and to my family

I wasn't laying on your pillowless futon

Listening to your lazy fingers exercise guitar chords.

But in the haven of your four walls

You rocked me in boney arms and soberly whispered

"I'm not a poet but to me you're the sky."

You called me temptress

Because you were too ashamed to admit

It was me who was lost in you.

It was my innocence intoxicated

By your polluted mind.

You said goodbye to me in an elevator

13 months and 6 days ago.

That was the last time I saw

The millimeter gap between your front teeth

When you gave that fake smile.

You walked ahead of me down Charles Street

And stopped in front of that rusted, yellow taxi.

Even before I had my door opened

You handed my driver fifteen dollars and mumbled

"You can pay the rest."

I sat in the back of the taxi

Watching distorted time pass me by

Through one secluded dome of rain

Left from the last storm to collide with

These Baltimore Streets.